Cancun night number two

So it’s now 9:30 and I am here by n myself as Cathy just can’t hang with me. Coming agt you from Carlos and Charlie’s and am off to the hard rock next, what an awesome day on the beach. Just laid around and read all day. Pasting what I wrote earlier next. Boy I sure wish I didn’t have to come back to real life. Ola!

Coming at your rom under our little hut on the beach at the Riu Cancun. They take good care of you here. It’s all inclusive with all you could ever want to eat and drink. Only bad thing is no coney dogs. We arrived here yesterday afternoon and just hit the pools and the beach and then a little walk around town. A Elvis show for just before bed but I don’t give him a very high rating. We were tired and in byb11 but luckily our room faces east and I woke up at 6:25 this morning to see it coming up over the horizon in a huge firebal. Thank goodness the weatherman was wrong and its beautiful out. We ha e been under this hut since 8:3o this morn and now it’s almost 2. I have been reading a book called the old man and the boy that my friend Dick Mauch sent me from Nebraska. Very good so far. I got it the day before we left so it couldn’t have been better timing. So that’s about it on our trip but before I head off I want to send a shout out to Jim Harris at Crawford county title who told me the other day that he signed up to get the autu email from my site when I do update.
I also liked our waiter elm undo this morning who made me feel like I was on fantasy island by repeatedly calling me Boss. I expected him any minute to say da plane, da plane.  So until later thanks for checking in and adios amigos.
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