Calm and quiet

Its a calm and quiet morning in Frederic, no new snow overnight. Sled traffic was the best its been in a while on Friday. Trailer counts this morning were 2 at the Days Inn and 21 at the Ramada in Grayling. There is an easter seals ride going on out of there this morning as they had a tent set up in the parking lot. That parking lot would have been a lot fuller if the OSSA would have been able to do their ride. Instead many of the OSSA riders that came north anyways have stopped in to Sledheads yesterday. Many of them including Gary Hines and his wife spent the week in the U.P. and kept running into other members that came up to at least get a little riding in. The really great thing is that the weather forcast for the coming week shows a little snow everyday and any snow we can get is great news. I thought that this year the death count was staying low but I learned yesterday that it is up to 8. Many of them happening in the u.p. So please ride safely. Also I hear the state police will be running the railroads today so STAY AWAY FROM THE TRACKS!!! and not just they will be patrolling heavy today. Always stay away from them. Thanks for checking in. Pete

One more thing, I ran into some guys from Pennsylvania in the Ramada parking lot, I asked them if the were with Jim Wolf or Jim Wilkerson but they didn’t know either one of those Pennsylvania guys. They were heading for the u.p. to Ishpeming. Also the Alabama guys were in a couple days ago but I figure they should be back today.

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