Calm and quiet sunday morning in Frederic

Its 21 outside and I can hear sleds zinging around outside but when I got here it was calm and quiet out there. Still alot of people without power from the storm and as of last night when I left still alot or riders reporting lots of trees across the trails. By now the snow that we got is packed down on the trails and could stand a little refreshing. I still have not seen any groomers but have talked to riders that have. I am also happy to report that the cameras are back online. They fixed themselves, with the power flashing on and off it must have reset something on the ip adress. Now if I could only get the main center camera moving agian. Here are a few pictures I took outfront yesterday The piegons are still hanging out, for a few days there were only 4 but the 5th one is back in the group now. Also just got off the phone with Keith from AVSA. He said they had 8 guys yesterday out cutting and moving trees on the trails and gained one mile. He said its going to take them a week to get things all cleaned up and that this storm did way more damage with trees down than the storm we had in march. If anybody is interested in volunteering to help out clearing trails call Keith at Fays Motel @ 989 348 7031.Thats about it for today. Thanks forheckingin and PLEASE RIDE SAFELY! and if you didnt read my post from last night be sure to read that.

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