Busy Sunday Morning

Its been a busy sunday morning so far with both sleds riding in and people heading home in trucks and trailers. It always seems that superbowl weekend people are in a hurry to get home, me on the other hand I pride myself on not knowing who is playing and where it is untjil the night of the game. So far I am doing good, can you believe that as much as I am in the computer that I don’t know who is in the game. I just don’t do sports but I like to watch the advertisements. So yesterday I have to say is the busiest day Frederic has seen this sled season with lots of sleds everywhere. I am putting 3 pictures below here, one of the snow princess and the snow bunny in Lewiston at the hotel where they had lunch and even I didn’t know they had coneys there. The other is the princeses sled out front here and the third of the Ole Barn jam packed with all sleds and no cars yesterday afternoon that I took. I have never seen their parking lot like that.  I see I forgot to put trailer counts up yesterday so here is the motel tally, Days Inn Saturday was 8 and sunday is 8 and Ramada was 18 on Saturday and 23 this morning. I even saw sleds at some of the North End motels which I wish more riders would use as they are all local people with nice places for riders to stay. I did hear of one more death in the U.P. so that puts the count up to 8 now. I would say that is a slow start for the year and I would love to see it stay that way. Thanks for checking in. Pete

ole barn sandy and diane snow princess

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