Busy for a sunday morning……

There were about 10 people waiting for me when I got here at 9 this morning, I dont ever remember having that many here early on a sunday. So that was a good start, typically superbowl sunday clears out early cause everyone wants to get home. The snow has held up great, trails and crossing are still nice and bright white. Saturday was not as busy as last week but still good crowds and alot of sleds. I would have never thought that after the warm temps and rain on wednesday that we would have conditions as good as we do have now. It looks like this week will be all good and we should make it thru next weekend o.k. Its pretty bad when you have to see if you can ride from week to week when its supposed to be winter out. There were 3 ladies in earlier from the Flint area all wearing matching pink helmets and 2 of them left with a new pair of what I call the MIchael Jackson gloves.The white shiny ones. They also left with some new relfective sledheads helmet decals and some other sledheads decals for their sleds…..they were having a good time. I still have the 2 new skidoos for sale in the back, anyone interested give me a call, a 600 etec adn the 550 fan cooled. Also watch for the Century 21 ad during the superbowl tonight, here is a link to the ad that I hope they run.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoweK2bnSFw Thanks for checking in. Pete

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