Broken Hearted in Frederic

Its with both a heavy and broken heart that I have to say that we had to put Ellie the Sledheads Beagle to sleep yesterday. My girls and myself all know it was the best thing for her as she had a very tough weekend and after going into the vets office yesterday morning we all agreed it was the right decision. A very hard thing to do, and it seems so empty both at home and here in Sledheads. Many people came into see her and she always liked seeing people especially if they had food. I had my lunch here today and not having her begging at my side doesn’t seem right. I have to thank Jim from Pennsylvania who had sent me a packet earlier this winter which included a poem that he said I would want to see. I knew it was here on my counter but never opened it until yesterday and that just convinced me more that we did the right thing for her. We buried her at home after I made a box up for her on sunday and even though Melissa is away in New York City she was able to watch our little funeral for Ellie by video call. Ellie had diabetes for almost 3 years and we had to give her a shot 2 times a day and she had gone almost totally blind from that but considering she couldn’t see well her nose still worked well and she could find her way around o.k. If she was about to bump into something I would tell her to stop and she would sniff her way around. I will surely miss my constant companion and road trip partner…..Below are some pictures of her. From our family, Pete, Cathy, Melissa & Haley to our extended Sledheads family ….

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