Bois Blanc Island Trip

Sunday Night October 28, 2012 9:00 p.m.
I am writing this from my camper in a secluded field about 7 miles from what is known as town on Bois Blanc Island, that also makes me about 7 miles from the closest house. I am going to write this as I go and dont know when it will get posted as there isnt even phone signal up here. When I do get back to town I should get some wireless signal to post. I was actually going to head over here to the island yesterday but my hunting friends from kzoo called and were heading up to the cabin in wellston so I headed off there instead yesterday so we could work on deer blinds and ride four wheelers. So this morning I got up and headed back to grayling to get the camper and catch the 2:30 ferry to the island here. After I got here I went over to visit Vic who is an old timer here on the island and was born here. I always like visiting with him. I came up here to my camp spot which is on state land and dropped the trailer and then went off to my favorite spot to see if there was any activity there. It was about 4:30 by the time I got there and I was setting on my stool and getting pretty comfy when all of a sudden I was laying flat on the ground, It appears I was leaning back and fell asleep and then leaned back a little to far. I figured that after that if there were any deer around they were gone so I came back to the camper to finish getting things situated. The great thing about here is that there is so much area and virtually no people, however I was standing in the trailer and could see lights coming down the trail outside, I went out and it was two hunters from the flint area, Mike & Mike and they were looking for some other friends of theirs. We had a nice visit and a beer and they went off again to find their friends. There is a huge full moon tonight and its even though I am out here all alone I still cant help thinking the boogy man is out there. Its funny how your mind works sometimes. At least I do get 6 tv stations here. So up early to see if I can go find Big Don. Thanks for checking in. Pete
Monday Night 10/29/2012 9:30 p.m.
Nice and comfy here in my camper but its blowing hard outside and I am rocking a little from the wind. Somehow from what I see on TV I think its gonna get worse, I had a message from Roger in South Dakota today saying that he saw something on tv about 25 foot waves on lake michigan, my answer to him was that I am on lake huron. Maybe it will be like a couple years ago when I was here and I had to stay longer because the water was rough to run the ferry. They even had freighters stopped and mooredOut in the water because they wouldnt let them go under the mackinaw bridge in such rough water. As long as I have heat and food, which I have plenty of I am set for a week here……not sure if Cathy would like that but if you are stranded what can you do. I really envy the people that do live on this island and just stock up and stay put all winter long. I was out at my spot this morning at 7:30 and got snorted at on the way in but at about 9 a doe showed up and presented me a nice shot opportunity but I figured I would still wait for Big Don, but of course he didnt show up or that might have been snorting at me. Tonight when I got ready to leave I eased my way out into the open very slowly as it was close to dark and I thought something might be there. I set back in some pine trees across from a trail and took my time getting out looking closely and when I finally figured the coast was clear and I took 2 steps I heard a snort and saw a deer running off….I guess I should have moved or waited longer….On the way back I stopped down next to the lake where I can get a phone signal and it was very wavy but there was a full hazy moon down to the south east and in the distance over mackinaw island was an incredible orange
sky over the island. I will have to see what it looks like in the morning before I decide if I am going to go to my spot or maybe just trail ride in the truck. Mike and Mike stopped by again tonight just about the same time as I got back and they didnt see anything so at least I had some action. It really was a nice day out thru this afternoon and then the winds started kicking up. Thanks for checking in. Pete
Tuesday Afternoon Oct 30, 2012 3:30 p.m.
Coming at you from Hawks Landing Restaurant on the island. Just got back from a tour around the island with my friend Vic who has lived here all of his 79 years. No one knows this place like him. Its been raining and sleeting on and off all day and I decided to stay put in the nice warm camper this morning.
The ferry is not running today but here on the west side of the island its pretty calm water but on the east side hold on to your hat, the waves are huge. The trailer rocked quite a bit during the night but surprisingly on the way into town there werent many trees down. A chainsaw in your truck is a must if you are going to travel these roads. A couple years ago it took me alot of work and time as I had to cut my way to town. I am heading out this afternoon with my rain gear on. On my tour with Vic we only saw a couple deer but it was a nice ride. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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