Blustery & windy cold

Its a blustery and windy cold 16 degrees with snow on and off in the air today. I haven’t seen any sleds out but did have 7 come in thruout the day yesterday. The first sleds in of the season were 2 guys that had rode up from Higgins Lake. They reported good and bad spots just like the others that were in but they were having a good time. Weather is supposed to stay cold which will certainly help firm things up along with making good ice for those that live at Bois Blanc Island and Mackinaw Island so this year they can have an ice bridge. I just keep moving snow around with my plow and it really seems now that we will keep the snow thru Christmas. I would say we are getting closer to seeing some panning action by the groomers if the snow keeps or comes as predicted. I can hear the wind howling out the front door right now which makes me feel like a wimp cause I think its to cold to go out there and ride right now. I must be getting old…….Below are pics of the first riders of the season into here on their ride up from Higgins lake and a pic I took out the front door this morning. Thanks for checking in. Peteimg_2931 img_2937



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