Black Friday in Frederic

South Bound 27 Black Friday Traffic

South Bound 27
Black Friday Traffic

North Bound 27 Black Friday traffic

North Bound 27
Black Friday traffic

Black Friday in Frederic, I don’t know about you but I am sick of hearing about it, everyone claiming to have everything on sale and trying their best to lure you in. Well here in Frederic there are no lines or waiting and no big sales, just our regular great prices. Traffic is at its normal rate and like I always like to say Frederic is a small time town with Big time Fun. I even just went out and took a picture of the non existent traffic jam. One of the road looking south and one looking north…Just the way I like it, kinda white with snow in the air. Havent seen any sleds today but I would think someone will try it. To bad forcast for tomorrow is going to be warmer than we like and then Monday for first official day of the riding season there will be no groomers out. Thanks for checking in and I hope everyone is enjoying their leftovers today as that’s what I am going to have shortly….Thanks for checking in. Pete


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