Black Friday in Frederic

Well here it is Black Friday in Frederic, the lines are long as you can see in the pics I took out front this morning. I even had to put a sign in the front door to direct the lines. There were only a few that actually camped out over night. I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. My daughter and I helped out on the Grayling Community Thanksgiving Dinner again which we have done in the past few years. That is always fun and you get to see a lot of people you haven’t seen in a long time. Only a week or so away till the trails open but with it pushing 50 today I don’t see any snow coming very soon and I really am not ready to open up for the season yet. So I guess I am going back out to haul leaves out of my yard. Thanks for checking in. Pete4AAF2CA1-C221-4EC8-A836-11FF6564E7BC 639665E2-77A9-44F3-907C-5BB0A6C76153 B6A4EC34-EBA5-49D4-B2AD-740631EB1D43

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