This is a devloping story that has been going on since about 5 this morning, What I know so far is that there was a chase and someone plowed into the rear end of a state police car just a few hundred feet north of Sledheads, pushing the trunk up to the rear window. I have heard from several people that they have shot they guy and I believe that is up on the corner by the cemetary as that is where most of the lights are right now. The road is closed and blocked offf from Happy Days to down near the Frederic INn……I took some video on the way here and will do that later on.  So that is the frederic news this morning, its not to often we get alot of excitement around here. I wish I could say town was packed with sleds. We had about a half inch of new snow overnight and the weatherman last night was calling for 5 to 6 inches for our area by friday night. It will be nice if that happens. Of course I will keep you posted on that. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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