Beautiful Saturday Morning

It was about 11 degrees this mornig when I got here, after plowing yesterday I was surprised about how much snow was here from all week, I think we had about 8 to 10 new inches from during the week. We had a mad customer here yesterday that pulled in with a van and a sled trailer and got stuck out there…and then he said he wished he never stopped here….I was gone and hadnt plowed yet but hey this is up north and we do have snow and if the snow looks deep dont pull in. He did finally get unstuck just before I got back and then I plowed. You cant belive how many times I hear from people that they are driving up here and that they dont think there is any snow and then all of a sudden there it is. They always seem to be worried that there wont be enough to ride. A bunch of Doo Talk riders have been around here this morning and are getting together. The first fire of the season is going out on the side along with smores too. I have had more than enough calls to get my cottage rented so thanks to those of you that called. Trailer counts this morning were 14 at the Days Inn and 36 at the Ramada. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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