Beautiful morning for a ride

Beautiful morning for a ride. It was 11 degrees when I left home this morning on my sled. No new snow over night but I had a great ride home yesterday afternoon and the deer were out heavy duty this morning on the way back to Frederic. I would guess I saw at least 50 deer, many of them still laying curled up in their beds and just watching me go by. Trails pretty darn good for all the traffic that was out there on Saturday. It was a bit slow on sunday. Had a couple different groups that stopped in sunday that said they had talked to friends who were already on their way home and were stopped in traffic so they decided they would rather spend the day riding then stuck in traffic on the highway. Don’t like the weather forcast for wed or thurs with 30s many 40 in it but then it cools down. We just have to see if it dies out again. Presidents weekend if we have riding is another long weekend riders count on… today of a group of cats that were in. I have been forgetting to mention that Arctic Cat won the I 500 this year too Thanks for checking in. PeteIMG_1108 IMG_1109

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