Beautiful Downtown Frederic

I have to say that I was very bummed as we pulled into grayling yesterday. Cathy was driving and I woke up about 4 mile road and opened my eyes and looked out the window only to see nothing but dead brown weeds and grass. Most of the snow is totally gone in the woods but there are still alot of snow piles around. Lake Margrethe is still very much covered with ice and snow but I would imagine with all the rain yesterday that is going to help it along in breaking up. One of my first calls I made last night was to Don at the Fox River Motel in Seney to see about getting in one more ride in the u.p. He said that sunday and monday were the first days he had not been riding in a week and a half. He said there is still 3.5 feet north towards grand marais but also it was raining last night when I called so he told me to check in with him again later today… I will have to take that step by step. In the meantime back here in Frederic it is time to get back to work. The whole time I was gone I never had one real estate related call and only a couple other work related calls so things were very quiet, but as luck would have it as soon as I got here this moring I did have a call on one house I have listed so that puts things off to a good start. It does feel good to be back home and there are no long lights or traffic jams here in Frederic. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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