Back to the Action in Frederic

I made it back home last night about 9 and its good to be back here in Frederic, I still have on shorts but almost need to change to long underwear as its pretty cold out still this afternoon at 1:45 p.m. Now just to get back to real life and leave last week to a lot of great memories. Last Thursday night when I was at the Full Throttle someone came up behind me and hit me on the shoulder. It was Big John Morin who comes in here all the time in the winter and has a place in Grayling. He rode out there with his dad and they both have pretty cool fire bikes. Well guess who just pulled up out front of Sledheads just now. Big John and his dad just riding back in from Sturgis, I will post their picture below here. On sundays after the rally is over many of the vendors go up to Deadwood for a well deserved night out. We have always done that to in the 15 to 20 different times I have been there. By sunday night most everyone has left and Deadwood is a lot slower than it has been for the previous 2 weeks. Most all of the crew from the Full Throttle was there too and there a couple pics from there too that I am posting. I took off from Sturgis on Friday morning and went down to Bassett Nebraska to visit a friend down there. We spent a night at his house and then went on out to his cabin about 40 miles away. Talk about total seclusion. In that area of Nebraska its all about corn, hay, cattle, rodeo and diverting water around the ranch to keep the cattle going. We spent most of the day Saturday riding around checking fences and the lay of the land. He really showed me a first rate time…….So that’s about it for now. Thanks for checking in. Pete

big john deadwood1 deadwood2

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