Back to Reality in Beautiful Downtown Frederic

Well its up to Thursday afternoon and a beautiful one at that here if Frederic. We returned home about midnite on Monday nite just in time to get to sleep and send Haley off to her first day of 8th grade. Then I was off to pick up one happy beagle. All it all I would say that was one of the best trips I have ever been on. Perfect weather, very fine sand beach and crystal clear blue waters, plus they treat you very well. So anyways trying to play catch up here. Most of the day Tuesday and Wednesday Ohio Brian was here helping set up some new cameras on the building that are pretty darn nice with night vision in them. Its amazing what they pick up in the pitch black dark. Now hoping to get this whole mess with cameras that are not online and getting it all back up and running like it used to be. Still a problem with the big camera up top and it rotating and zooming like it should. I have a new computer coming to control things and once I get that and software loaded in I hope to get it back up and online. Yesterday there was a parade of 13 tractors that had left Lainsburg and were tractoring their way up to the Mackinaw Bridge. That was kind of neat to see here in Frederic as they passed thru. I still need to get a new video camera as I have been without one since I lost mine when we were riding up in Grand Marias this past winter. I miss having my ever present video camera on me. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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