Back to Frederic

Back To Frederic and the grind here. I have to say it now finally Snowmobiling is done around Frederic. Lake Margrethe is still covered with ice and there is still snow in parts in the woods. I did scope out an area that I was thinking about riding my sled to this morning and I know I could get a short ride into there but I decided I should get some stuff done here. There are still patches out there but they will all be gone soon. Most my parking lot is back to dirt here with only the piles of snow from plowing left. We got back home about 8:30 last night and now its just catch up time. I will try and update every week or two during the summer. I should have another adventure trip that I am going on towards the month and will update as much as possible on that excursion. I am about 98 percent certain that trip will happen.  I picked the beagle up this morning and she seemed to be happy to see me and is laid out in her bed by the fireplace here. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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