Back in Black

Its 28 in frederic this morning and I am still in AC DC mode from being at the Ole Barn last night. There have been some sleds thru town so far this morning but it is mostly quiet out there. Yesterday on the other hand was a different story, like I said before I think most everyone that was riding was here on day rides, the far parking lot on 72 was jam packed the frederic parking lot was full and trucks and trailers were parked every which way around Sledheads lot,,,,,trails were ridden hard and definetly got the big wear and tear on them. Now as far as grooming them again the only one that I know of for sure that was out was Grand Traverse. I didnt see any fresh groomer marks on any of the grayling crossings and I havent heard from anyone that has been on any of Kalkaskas or jordan valleys. Its still staying below 32 which will help us out and I am thinknig we are going to make it yet another week thru next weekend but who knows for sure. I think we have way to much snow to totally wipe us out by next weekend. Your guess is as good as mine if the trails will hold that long or if it will be all off trail. Things are looking slim along the roadside shoulders in grayling but trails I looked at are still alot of white. We just have to see how the week plays out, I would think the north and west stuff is going to outlast the grayling and frederic area,…….I talked to several riders that did the bridge trip and they all talk about the bad spot south of wolverine but after that you are fine. Many other were on jordan valley and chandler hills and all still reporting good riding. After the heavy traffic yesterday I would hope that things get straightened out one more time.  Thats about it for now. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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