Back home to partly Snowy Grayling

Its saturday night about 7 and we just got back home here to lake margrethe. We came all the way up 131 to Kalkaska and started seeing pretty good snow about fife lake. Kalkaska got slammed with snow as the parking lots had piles in them and the road commision trucks were out in force with m 72 being slick snow covered and slippery. I would bet at least 10 to 12 inches all the way up to just east of Dingmans. I saw sled tracks crossing the road by the parking lot west of dingmans and saw a sled crossing to heading into Dingmans. The snow thinned alot after the hills and we only have partial cover here at the lake. I am sure now after seeing it firsthand on the way home that a few people got their first ride in today. Remember its still hunting season and hours are limited during the day and you can ride at night. I saw many trucks with their plows on and others plowing but those were all closer to Kalkaska……it sure makes things look a little more promising. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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