at Redz wolf inn south of pine stump

Had a great day riding yesterday Reds to seneyy to Grand Marais.
Trails were great but I lost my little silver a IP teka video camera I think rating Grand Marais by the Lake Superior Brewing Company if you know anybody thats riding up this way and if they found it please have him return it to me maybe post in some forms that you maybe in like hardcore or do talk. The trail from Grand rain back to Reds was pretty Ripley that was the worst we were on. I already road to Newbury in back this morning but it is raining now but supposed to turn back to snow. If stuff seems weird in here it’s because I am using voice to text and that likes to make up words for me trails are really pretty bad around Frederick now from what I hear so unless we get another storm it’s down to to track riding or were done for the year of course I will update again after I get home. Thanks for checking in PTG

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