September 2003

Tuesday Sept 30, 2003 7:00 a.m.
Its raining slightly out there this morning and we had a pretty hard rain during the night. At first the weatherman was calling for snow but it stayed to warm…darn…..grass drags coming up this weekend in onsted. The railroad tracks are all torn up from frederic towards waters, the way they have things excavated along the trail I think they are adding in a spur, they are for sure replacing all the ties all the way to gaylord. Cathy has been putting out the new jackets, bibs, helmets, gloves, & etc in the front room so we are ready for the snow to hit. Tommorow is opening day of bow season so I plan on spending the day out in the woods in search of BIG DON. Last week I took a nice long walk thru the woods and found 2 nice sheds a nice 5 point and a 3 point. All the years I have taken walks like that I have never found any. On the way to town yesterday a bear crossed the road in front of Cathy right by the snowmobile trail by hanson hills. That’s about it for now. Thanks for checking in. Pete
Tuesday September 23,2003 10:00 p.m.
The newest and most exciting thing around frederic is the new grayling trail maps came in yesterday and I got in the new trail permits last week. They are red this year so at least its not a horrid color like they sometimes come up with. They are still twenty bucks this year too. Now if we can only get our moneys worth out of them. It was a great weather this past weekend for the firemans memorial in roscommon. This coming up weekend
the events are a car show in midland and there are grass drags coming up in onsted for the next 2 weekends. This coming weekend grass drags are run by ASDRA and the weekend of Oct 4, & 5 they are run by PSDGRA. Dont forget if anybody is looking for a getaway cabin up north Cathy’s mom has a place for sale, read the scrolling banner a little bit higher up on this page. Thanks for checking in. Pete
Tuesday September 15, 2003
Back home after a great weekend at the grass drags in frankenmuth, the bad part was the wind was blowing at us all weekend and I got to eat dirt and dust so that wasnt to much fun. The rain didnt start till right at the end on sunday. It was great to hear the roar of sleds running down the track as this is the first race I have been
to this year. Cathy and the girls checked out the stores around Frankenmuth and saginaw and just the dog (ellie) and I were at the races. Yesterday during the singing of the national anthem I guess Ellie didnt like the girls voice that was singing because she started howling. It was both funny and embarassing. Turns out it was Chelsea Tiede from Woody’s that was singing and I got to tell her about it. This coming weekend is the Firemans Memorial Festival in Roscommon. Thanks for checking in. Pete

Monday night September 8, 2003 9:00 p.m.
Well I see I am up and running again. My domain name expired and I had to get it renewed, so now its good for another 5 years. I have been going to change servers and webmasters so its probably going to happen soon before the snow flies. So if this thing goes down again for a bit dont worry I will be back hopefully with changes for the better. This past weekend I was at the woods n water show down in imlay city. The interesting thing at the show was a archery trick shooter there from west virgina. He would start by shooting a ballon out of the air and then a clay target, then shooting a baby aspirin out of the air, and he did this with a regular recurve bow.
He put on a good show and the other most amazing thing about him is that he did it by shooting the bow behind his back. If you want you can check out his website at other than that nothing exiting. Grass Drags this weekend in frankenmuth at Rienbolds Sales and service. I will be there. Thanks for checking in. Pete
Tuesday Sept 3 2003
Anybody looking for a place to buy up here might be interested in this. Cathy’s mom bought a new place and moved, so this is whats for sale. 2 Acres with a cute little 1,000 square foot house, screened in porch, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, big yard with plenty of room for trailers & parking and 2 car garage. Its located about 3 miles south of Charlies Country Corners on 7 mile road. The price is $75,000. If you are interested e mail me or call me at the shop……Thanks Pete
Monday Sept 2, 2003 7:30 a.m.
Well its the first day of school here in grayling today. Melissa is going into 5th grade and Haley is starting pre school. Only 3 months till the trails open. We walked the mackinaw bridge yesterday and that was a nice day. The police were thick up there with big trucks being inspected by the state and trailers being checked. The bomb squad truck was sitting in a back alley. A definite sign of the times. It was good to see them out there doing their jobs but also hard to believe that is what big events have come too. On Thursday Cathy and I took a nice boat cruise out on Lake Charlevoix & Michigan with my buddy Bob and his bride and 2 other couples.
Another beautiful day out. I wanted us to head for Milwaukee. I talked to my friend Denny over there and he said it was a great time and there were alot of people and his sales were a complete sell out. I knew I should have had my own booth over there too. Thats about it for now. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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