October 2003

October 30, 2003 9:00 p.m.
Well another chapter in graylings history is changing, The Plaza Bar was sold this morning in downtown grayling. It was always a great little hide out and was owned by the same people for almost 28 years. It will now be known as Growlers Pub. Cathy & I went to their party last night and just to be safe I even used the new taxi service here in grayling to come home. I also had an email tonight that reminded me about the East Jordan Club taking over grooming the blue bear this year. They will be grooming the west end of the blue bear which is every thing that the DNR has groomed in the past so that should make for better trails. The kids are looking forward to Halloween tommorow and dont forget the Snomobile swap in Cadillac this weekend. Happy Halloween ,Pete

October 27, 2003 6:15 p.m.
I just came in after spending a few hours in the woods watching for the elusive whitetail with my bow. No deer but there were nice big fat snowflakes falling again, thats 3 times so far this fall that I know of, the weatherman is calling for possible 2 to 4 inches in the u.p. tonight. The Birch Run grass drags and snow show went o.k. this past weekend, it was cold and there werent alot of vendors but I think that show has potential to grow pretty big in the next couple years. This coming weekend is a snowmobile swap meet in Cadillac and I think I am going to hit that and maybe go and stay where our cabin used to be, still no new cabin but we have a travel trailer in there for this deer season. Thanks for checking in. Pete

October 23, 2003 1:30 p.m.
It sure looks great outside, nice big thick snowflakes have been falling for an hour or so, they really arent sticking to the ground very hard but it is great to see it coming down and gives us all a little sledding daydreaming hope……..Pete

October 22, 2003
Its a cool morning and I thought I would throw on a quick update as I blow out our sprinklers for the season. I hate to say it but I am even thinking of pulling out the pontoon. One thing I forgot to post from this weekend is that I learned that Indiana acutally has 5 different snowmobile trails, I dont think they get used as much as they would like them too but at least they have them. Also I have another website adress that might make it easier for people to remember, it takes you to my main frederic page, it is www.SledheadsOfFrederic.com. Also as I hope to improve the page and site. There has been a new map added to the bottom of that page, go to it and check it out, it is a map that has the trails on it and you can zoom in and out and click on the businesses within the map to see them, it’s at the bottom of the main page… The snowmobile trails are in yellow on the map. The orv trails are in pink. The Swamp is the sponsor business on the big page of the frederic map, check out their website and if you click the swamps trail conditions it takes you to my conditions. Also if there is anybody out there that knows about how to get outside webcams set up, let me know what you know about it, I think it would be great for you to be able to check the web cam and see what going on.
Thanks for checking in. Pete

Monday October 20, 2003
It was a beautiful weekend in Angola, Indiana. The weather was perfect and there were alot of spectators and racers on saturday and a few less spectators on sunday. Angola was a nice little town, I went to the movie to see Texas Chainsaw Massacare saturday night, I think I liked the first one better. Downtown Angola has a cirlcle with a monument in the middle and all the cars have to enter the circle and exit to the right, it reminded me of the circle in Indianapolis. I took the dog for a walk sunday morning on a trail across from the motel which turned out to be the snowmobile trail, what a pretty morning with alot of color, I was watching for deer and the dog was looking for whatever she could, she always has her nose to the ground. I started out the trip to Angola with the whole family and Haley got so sick while we were in Kalamazoo that my brother ended up running everybody back to grayling so I could go on to Angola. Haley is better now but the doctor said she had a upper respiratory infection. She sure sounded like a sick little girl. This coming weeknd there are ASDRA grass drags in Birch Run at the expo center right along side I 75 at exit 136. Thanks for checking in. Pete

October 17, 2003
Its a frosty morning here in Kalamazoo, we are at my brothers house and he said its the first frost of the year. Going to lunch with my mom today and heading off to the grass drags in angola,indiana. The sun is coming up strong so I am sure the frost will be gone soon. I just had to go searching the nieghborhood for my roaming beagle, she is such a little flea bag…… Thanks for checking in. Pete

Thursday morning Oct 16, 2003
I can hear the duck hunters out on the lake taking their best shots. I havent had a chance to go out and join them yet this season. The big news in frederic from 2 days ago is that the nuclear reactor from charlevoix came thru on the train. There were people sitting waiting to watch it go by. Pretty darn exciting by frederican standards. I took a couple pictures of it going by with Sledheads in the background and even got a couple quarters flattened on the tracks by it. I wish I had more exciting news to report but there is none. thanks for checking in. Pete

Tuesday October 14, 2003
Its a rainy morning here. This past weekend it was a beautiful weekend at the MSA snow show in Hastings. Lots of people turned out to see the show and watch the races. I had Ellie my puppy there and she loved all the attention she got. This coming weekend there are grass drag races in Angola Indiana put on by the Potawamini Snowmobile club. For more info go to their site at http://www.pscsnowmobiler.com/. For you people that might be looking at this for the first time in a while, if you are or know of anybody looking to
buy a place up here read the scrolling banner just about this. Cathy’s mom has her place for sale. Thanks for checking in. Pete

October 9, 2003
Both yesterday and today are the reason why I like to leave my pontoon boat in till November, what beautiful days, the lake was calm and it was warm, I went out to the south end and just layed back and floated a couple hours. For those of you who frequent the higgins lake area, the bar known as Elys Roadhouse burned to the ground the other day, and in Grayling The Ole Barn aka The Blue Barn is going to under go a change back to the old color of red. The new owners Greg & Cathy have been doing a great job with that place. The old owners pretty much ran it into the ground an dit jsut wasnt alot of fun to go there anymore. They have music back in there and excellent food. I will be the first one to admit that both Grayling & Crawford County are a hard place to make a living but The Ole Barn is coming around quite well, they had a beer tent and bands outside one weekend and this couple with nothing better to do complained to the police and wrote a letter in to the editor about all the horrible noise coming form there. The complainers “Norm & Shirley” even went as far as calling the liquor commision to try to get the sale of the ole barn canceled. What a couple of crybabies. I was there that night and the noise was no where what they made it out to be and I even talked to an older lady that lived 2 doors down that said she didnt hear a thing. With almost 25 percent of Graylings downtown retail space vacant you would think that people would welcome new business people to the area especially ones that are working so hard to bring back a business that was virtually dead. So if you make it to grayling try the ole barn out for both food and entertainment but make sure you dont make to much noise leaving, it might blow out Norm & Shirleys eardrums……
Thanks for checking in. pete

October 8, 2003
I have had several e mails from people saying that their bookmarks dont work for my site. Its because of switching servers, please delete your current bookmark and go to the site www.frederic-mi.com or the conditions page and make a new bookmark. Also if you have any friends that are regular readers please let them know. The other thing is that links from other sites dont seem to be working either because of the switch so if you know of any links out there that you might use to get here I could use a little of your help by you letting them know to reset the links. I dont know how many are out there but I know there are a bunch of them, hopefully we can get everybody zeroed in by the time the real snow gets here. Yesterday went smoothly for the funeral and Grandma Albers is finally at rest but Cathy’s brother had a worse day then expected, they started out to only take his foot off above the ankle and they were supposed to let it drain for 3 days and then go and take a little more off, well it turned out things were so bad that they had to take his leg all the way up to his groin. The surgery was supposed to be yesterday morning but it didnt happen till late last night. We are all hoping the best for him. Thanks for checking in. Pete

October 7, 2003
When I called home on saturday while I was in Onsted Cathy told me that her grandmother had passed away. Later on this morning is her funeral. Grandma Albers was a wonderful lady and I am confident that she is in a better place. She had a great life and was 91 years old. I went to visit her a couple weeks ago in the nursing home where she has been for the past 6 years and when I came home from there I didnt feel she had much time left. That was certainly no quality of life for her in there. It just made me feel terrible to go in there and see not just her in bad shape like that but alot of the people in a heartbreaking condition so I can honestly
say I am glad for her sake that she passed on. We took Haley and Melissa to the funeral home and I was a little worried about Haley’s reaction. When we got there Haley kind of got a look up toward the casket and she said who’s in the box. I did my best explaining to her about it and she was pretty content with that. To make it a doulbe whammy now Cathy’s brother went into the hospital friday night with some type of infection in his foot and this morning they are going to amputate his foot. What a week for us. On the brighter side I am taking our little beagle pup Ellie in to get spayed this morning. So enough of the sad stories and thanks for checking in. Pete,Cathy,Melissa & Haley……..

Monday October 6, 2003 8:15 a.m.
It was a nice weekend down in onsted although there werent alot of people at the races. It supposed to warm up here this week. Dont forget if you are looking for a place to buy up here I am trying to help Cathy’s mom sell her place, read the scrolling banner just about here. This coming weekend is the big MSA snow show in Hastings. I will have a booth there so stop and say hi. Thanks for checking in. Pete

October 3, 2003
Its been cold and breezy with alot of areas reporting snow. The weather is calling for more snow this weekend. Please let me know if you have any problems accessing this page. So far things have been smooth but I had a report from Ohio Mike that he couldnt get this yesterday…… Thanks for checking in. Pete

October 1, 2003
What a great today was, I spent all day in the woods in search of elusive BIG DON but got to see it snowing on and off all day. At times it was snowing such big fat flakes that you could hardly see. I saw cars that had maybe 2 inches of snow on them. They are calling for more snow tonight. I hope this is a good sign for the season to come. Also if you notice a little different look I have switched servers and webmasters so if anybody has any problems accessing anything please let me know. So far it looks like things have gone smoothly. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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