November 2003

November 30, 2003
Last night it was snowing and blowing out, everything was nice and white. We went to town to the movie to see ELF, that was pretty funny. On the way home it was really slippery and making it look like it would be a good start to the Dec 1 riding season. Well now its 11:30 in the morning and its nice and sunny, the roads are wet and the snow is melting. DARN!!! So I guess we dont get off to a Dec 1 start of the season. On a brighter note if you want to travel a ways I talked to my friend Ed yesterday up in Cordova Alaska, he said they had 2 fresh feet of snow overnight. When it snows up there they dont measure it in inches they measure it in feet. We should only be so lucky here. Thanks for checking in. Pete

Saturday November 29, 2003 10:00 a.m.
The ground is just barely white all the way to frederic from grayling and its 30 degrees out. We have a long way to go to have enough snow to ride, but people are starting to come into the store now to get their trail permits and early accessories. So keep our fingers crossed and start the snow chants……Mo Mo Nah Chee Chee Nah………Pete

Friday Nov 28, 10:00 a.m.
Its been snowing here steadily since about 8:30, the drive is covered white enough to see tire tracks in it. It would be nice to see it keep coming, the flakes have been nice and thick. Its about 30 degrees out and with only 3 days till the trails are officially open it could be a great start. I will keep you posted as things happen. Thanks for checking in. Pete

I started out this morning about 6 a.m. with 3 friends cruising across lake margrethe to our duck blind, there wasnt to much moving out there this morning, we only go a couple, but we had a great time solving the worlds problems. I just got back home here a little bit ago and we are getting ready to head for grandmas house for thanksgiving dinner. There was a little snow and rain in the air this morning and its about 40 out right now. So from our Sledhead family to yours Have a great day and dont eat to much.
Pete,Cathy,Melissa,Haley & Ellie

Wednesday November 26 2003 7:15 a.m.
Its about 24 degrees out this morning at Lake Margerethe, no snow to speak of on the ground. We have had a couple skiffs of snow over the past couple days but nothing that stays. I was in the woods with my bow last night and there was a light coating of white on the leaves. I just checked out a new website for trail reports. They are just getting it going but it already has links to alot of different trail reports including sledheads. So be sure to check it out at , Paul that put it together is a regular rider in frederic. Also dont forget about our cottage for rent this winter if you are coming up to ride and need a place to stay, there is info right above this post on this page, and I am still trying to help grandma sell her house which would be a great getaway cabin for snowmobiling or summer time. Info on that is on this page too. Thanks for checking in. Pete

Monday November 24, 2003 1:00 p.m.
It snowing and blowing out here in frederic, its 28 degrees out, the weatherman said we should have a few inches by tonight, to bad he also said its gonna warm up again by the weekend. It sure looks good out there for as hard as its snowing. Thats about it for now. Thanks for checking in. Pete

Friday November 21, 2003 6:45 a.m.
Here I am in frederic this morning, I had to meet the guys here so I could show them where to put up another one of those steel carports. It seems that everybody is in a last minute rush to order & get them up before winter. They have been selling pretty well. Last night Melissa and I went over to our friend Charlies house, we were there to help him clean up downed trees from the storm last week. He is a stubborn old guy and I told him I would be over to move things after I cut them up but he tried moving it himself yesterday and he called me and
was pretty sore. He is 85 and I think he still thinks he is 40, but anyways our plan was to go over and have a camp fire and cook hot dogs and marshmallows. We were just getting the fire going real well when Melissa let out a scream, she had cut her self with my little hand saw and the blood was coming out fast. We ran into the house and cleaned it up and put a cloth on it stop the bleeding and we were off to the emergency room. On the way there I remembered about the new urgent care clinic that opened up last month. They were very nice and we were in and out in about an hour. Melissa got 4 stitches in her thumb. In the meantime while we were there I called Cathy and told her the hot dog roast was off and also called my friend Kim Halstead to ask him if he would go over and help Charlie put the fire out. So much for the campfire and weenie roast. Melissa was pretty
brave but she didnt want the shot or stitches at first but found out it wasnt as bad as she thought it would be. I told the doctor in the urgent care that I would let everybody know about his services there in case of any snowmobile related accidents this winter. So remember that, they are located by the funeral home in grayling on north down river road. Thats about it for now, Thanks for checking in. Pete

Thursday Nov 20, 2003 High Noon
Its a nice sunny day here in frederic. Not to much exciting has happened but here are some things I have been meaning to mention. The BP has there new pumps working and they look nice and it will be more convienient for people to pay at the pump this year. Happi Days Diner sold and snowmobiler Dave Seely bought it so make sure you remember to stop there for lunch or breakfast. The railroad tracks are still getting worked on and there are railroad ties laying all along the tracks, hopefully they will get picked up before the snow flies. The North End Grocery has an excellent meat department in there now so if you are up here at your cabin and want to grill steaks or burgers be sure to stop in there for your meats. Bob over at the swamp bar has improved his outside bar in the outdoor corral so that will be open for the winter again for food and drinks outdoors. Now if you can believe the weatherman he said starting next week we should start getting lake effect snows that will remain thru the first of the month. While that sounds great I will believe it when I see it. Today and tommorow should be the last 2 decent days for a while. It might be a good time to start up the snow chants…….Thanks for checking in. Pete

Monday November 17, 2003 7:00 a.m.
Its a foggy misty morning here in grayling. I just got home last night from a weekend at the cabin down in wellston. It sure was a nice weekend down there. I spent most of the day friday in front of the camp fire just
reading a book a book called Bows on the Little Delta and dozing off in my chair, it was a beautiful fall day and the temp was just right. There was no snow on the ground there. Saturday morning started out well, it was the opening day of rifle season and by 10 in the morning I had seen alot of deer but thats when a nice 7 point came along. That put to rest our worries about the hunting going to pieces after the big fire in april. I saw more deer than I ever have there. I was the only one out of 5 of us that got a deer now if I could only do that with my bow. Its so nice out there in the wood by your self, I saw this giant pileated wood pecker a few times, they are huge almost 2 feet tall. On my way back home there is still snow on the ground out by fletcher road, I saw kids that had a snowman built and saw sled tracks along the ditch by the road and I also when I left to go to the cabin towards kalkaska out by the west trail head I saw sled tracks out there. Now we have 2 weeks to get a base down so riding can get started on time. Thanks for checking in. Pete

Thursday Nov 13
Its now thursday afternoon, a little more snow has fallen during the day, I did see the first sled of the year out in frederic today, it was about a 68 panther but they were out riding around the nieghborhood. I talked to a friend in higgins lake today and she said they measured 9 inches there. Mostly around here I would say its about 3 inches. Just hoping for more….Thanks for checking in. Pete

Thursday November 13, 2003 8:00 a.m.
Wow did the winds howl all night long, I dont think I have ever heard the wind blow like that here. There were blizzard warnings for 22 counties last night as we went to bed and the power has been out since about 3 a.m. Everything is icy out and there is only a couple inches of snow. I just fired up our generator and thats what we are running on right now. There is no cable t.v. and I couldnt connect to the internet either so I will have to post
this later on when things get back on. Schools are closed everywhere surrounding us. To bad there wasnt 8 inches like they were calling for and Iwould bust out my sled. So thats about it for now. Thanks for checking in. Pete Its now 8:25 and I tried to connect and I got connected so here is the posting quicker than I thought it would be. If anything else exciting comes up I will post. I plan on spending a few days hunting so if there are no posts its cause I am in the woods. Pete

Wednesday October 12, 2003
I want to send out a big Happy Birthday to 40 year old OHIO MIKE, I know hes excited about it being his birthday and even more so by the prediction of 3 to 8 inches of snow for us here in the great north. That will make for some great tracking snow for the opening of deer season. To bad you can only legally ride a few hours during deer season. It sure would be nice to build up a nice base so we can have a real nice December 1st. Also if you dont have trail permits this year get them as soon as you can, they will be harder to come by than in the past, there are about 500 less places selling them this year in michigan so I dont know how long mine will last here in the store. I dont know whos fault it is but my guess would be the DNR (aka Do Nothing Right). I just talked to my buddy Bob out at Terrys Sport Center and he is having a truckload sale in the parking lot of the grayling mini mall this week and he also sends out happy birthday to Ohio Mike. If anybody is looking
for a getaway cabin up here I am still trying to help Grandma sell her house just outside of grayling. It would be a perfect snowmobilers or hunters getaway. Read the scrolling banner above this post for more info or e mail me. Thanks for checking in. Pete

Monday Novemer 10, 2003
It was a great weekend here in Grayling & Frederic. I don’t have a clue how the Novi snow show was but I would guess it was jam packed as usual. It sure was nice to be home on a weekend and not be working a show, instead I spent all day saturday hunting starting out on the lake at 6 in the morning with a duck hunt till noon and then bowhunting the rest of the day. There were lots of ducks but I only saw one deer and he just kept on walking by. Saturday night we watched Finding Nemo with the kids and if you have kids and havent seen it go get it, it really is a cute movie. I would like to send out a congratulations my friends here in Grayling, Rene & Val Mertes, They just had their first child, a bouncing baby boy sledhead and they named him Tucker Morgan Mertes….you cant get much more sledhead than that. Its been cold out in the mornings, 18 on saturday and sunday but its all the way up to 22 this morning. There was a skiff of snow that stuck to the ground on friday night and as I came home about 6 it was snowing so hard I could hardly see. Now if only the snow would come and stick so we could have a great opening day of riding on the first. Thanks for checking in. Pete

Thursday Nov 6 5:30 p.m.
It was a beautiful day here today, I started the day out with an early morning duck hunt out on the lake and after that pulled the pontoon out for the season. Usually I dont get it out till december. I have pretty much decided that I am sitting out the Novi snow show this year. So if you go stop by and see my friend the sticker king and tell him that I wished I was there. He’s a chubby guy kind of like me so it really gets to him when people call him Pete. Only about 3 weeks till the trails officially open so lets hope for snow. Thanks for checking in. Pete

November 4, 1003
Its a rainy, windy, ugly morning out here in grayling this morning. Nothing to new or exciting to report. I think its getting close to time to get my pontoon out of the water. Now that I am done doing the snow shows its time to start getting the front room in the store ready to go. I still havent made up my mind if I am going to Novi or not. Thanks for checking in. Pete

Saturday Nov 1, 8:45 a.m. Cadillac Library
Well here I am at the library in cadillac and I came down here for the Cadillac of all snow shows, to bad the lady that was putting on the show canceled it and didnt bother to let anybody know. I knew something was wrong when I pulled in the parking lot and there was nobody there. I know I had phone calls from other people that were planning on coming down here so there will be other dissapointed people too. So it looks like I get the day off and the bright side of that is that I am heading over to the remains of our cabin at wellston. The show was supposed to be put on by Bobbi Jo Jacobson and the cadillac winter warriors. Next weekend is the BIG snow show in Novi. I still havent made up my mind if I am going or not. If I do I will be helping my friend the Sticker King out again.. So off to the cabin for now. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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