May 2004

Thursday May 27, 2004
Only a few days from Memorial Day and its been raining for it seems
like 2 weeks. Finally got the pontoon in the lake yesterday and Cathy
is getting ready for our garage sale this weekend. I have been working
on remodeling the bathroom at our house and thats been a fun project.
I took the girls out to Wellington Farm Park last weekend and we had
a nice time out there. The park is a working late 1800s village and is
a great step back in time. Its a unique experience and located on military
road right outside of graying. On sunday we went thru Call of the Wild
museum in gaylord and thats also another attraction that my little Haley
just loves. She claims to be an animal expert at the young age of 4. I had
told her the day before that I would take her there and that morning the instant
she got out of bed she walked up to me rubbing her eyes saying “Dad I’m ready
to go to Call of the Wild”. Last night my DVD making friend Jim brought me his
newest DVD. Its a very moving & touching music video called Stand Up for America.
The song was written by a local girl from Grayling and the story line in it is from
another girl who was in the army and just returned from Iraq. It shows her in Iraq
and with other soldiers along the way. Its by far Jims best work so far and I can
see this DVD going over really big with not only the military people but everybody
touched by the war. If anybody is interested in one just email me and I will send
you one for $5. Nothing else to exciting going on, Thanks for checking
in. Pete

Thursday May 20, 2004
Another rainy dreary morning here at Lake Margrethe. Yesterday morning
there was frost and small snowballs in a parking lot downtown. I think
the mushroom season is already winding down and we didnt do any where as
well as we did last year. I managed to make it down to Baldwin last friday
to meet up with a friend but the weather was bad and rainy and most of the
bikes that were there were parked. I ended up heading up toward Irons,
Dublin and Wellston and got a chance to go over and check out the remains
of our burned out cabin. Its been a year since the fire and it is still
a nice big pile of ashes. Hopefully the new cabin is coming soon. After
spending the night in dublin at another friends cabin I headed back home
and took Haley out to the Kirtland Warbler Festival at the college. They had
activities for the kids and she got to see the wild animals they had there and
that thrilled her. They had a white tiger, Kangaroo, baboon, giant turtle and
a small petting zoo…Unfortunately right out there in that same area on saturday
afternoon there was a head on orv accident that killed a 23 year old from
downstate. I am heading up to true small town america in a little bit. That
would be the thriving metropolis of Frederic. Thank goodness our shopping district
consists of 2 gas station/party stores, 2 bars, and Sledheads…
k marts, wal marts or busy roads. So if you really enjoy a small town drive
thru in the summer. I promise you no traffic jams….Thanks for checking in. Pete
Thursday May 13, 2004
I always say that after the snow is gone the only thing that comes thru
Frederic is Horses & Harleys. There have been lots of Harleys coming
thru but yesterday was the day for horses. I counted 11 of them tied up
over at the Swamp ll. There should be alot of bikes passing thru in the next
few days as the Blessing of the Bikes is going on in Baldwin this weekend.
Its been pretty hot the past couple of days and people have been out hot
and heavy looking for mushrooms. Cathy and I had way better luck last
year than we have had this year so far. This past weekend I took the girls
down to the new comfort suites hotel at Houghton Lake, (formerly Holiday
on the Lake). They have a new indoor water park in there and they do an open
swim on sundays. They had a blast on so did I. On saturday night the Ole Barn
came thru again as the place to be. They had their Beach Party and Greg &
Kathy did a great job as usual. I am sure that the former owner Jim Shively
who passed on years ago to the great RedBarn in the sky was smiling down
on them because that place hasnt seen so many people in it since Jim owned
it. I have been out beating the town for business and if any of you are in need
of any screenprinting or embroidery for your business or events, or signs &
any type of promotional items (mugs,pens,keychains,frisbees,etc,) Please
give me a call…….Also I have said it many times before that I am always
amazed at the amount of people that read this page. My friend Steve that
bought the Edgewater Beach Marina in Houghton Lake was on his way back
home last weekend. He lives in North Carolina and flies up every couple weeks.
He was on the plane going home last weekend and talking with the guy sitting
next to him on the plane and in general conversation it came up that they
guy was a regular reader from Fremont who goes by Glen the Greek…….
Like Steve says its a small world…….
Thanks for checking in. Pete
Saturday May 9, 2004 8:00 a.m.
Its a rainy cool morning today and that should help
out the mushrooms along. This is the 3rd year in a row
I have missed the car show in Coldwater. Today is the open
house at the new Ausable River Museum that is in roscommon
by the courthouse. I have to deliver a sign and shirt
order to houghton lake so we are going to check it out on
the way back. The recreational accidents continue to happen
even without snow. Apparently 2 fisherman somehow fell out
of their boat on otsego lake early this week and only 1
made it back to shore safely. Also last I knew there was still
a man missing up at lake charlevoix this week too. Last night
as I was making my weekly check of the interesting grayling night
life I met a guy named Chris who says he is a long time reader
of this page too..It still always amazes me about how many people
are out there reading this. So off to houghton lake this morning
Thanks for checking in and Happy Mothers Day to all the women..
Wednesday May 5,2004 8:00 a.m.
Its a nice morning out and today is the first birthday
of our beagle Ellie….The girls have all kinds
of doggie presents for her tonight. There has been snow
in the air a couple times in the past week. Last week on
our mushroom hunt Cathy & I came up with only 19 and last
night I went out and found about a dozen. We have had rain
but we really need a hot day to make them pop out. I have to
say I have been surprised that I am still seeing cars pulling
in out front to check out the wrecked snowmobile display. I would
have to say that it is still making people think about riding
safely. I havent sent out as many DVD’s of the frederic video
as I thought I would be but have had great feedback from the people
who have gotten them. The other video we did called “Harry Boy” is
a 15 minute hillarious comedy about 2 billy bob cousins doing some
outdoor cooking and them claiming to be better cooks than Harry Boy
down there in Alabama. I sure never pictured myself in short movies,
but its been fun….Thats about it from up north so thanks for checking
in….Still 2 houses I am trying to help sell,,,one just north of
higgins lake,,, and 1 lakefront on lake margarethe…..give me a holler
for details…Pete

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