December 2003

Wednesday December 31, 2003 2:30 p.m.
I am still here in frederic, there have been a few people in and out today and I remembered this letter that I got last week on christmas day that I wanted to post. It is from a regular reader and customer. I left the name of the city out on purpose but this letter could have come from any city. It was written by a police officer on duty.
Here it is…… Pete


December 31, 2003 10:00 a.m.
Its a super windy day here in frederic. Its about 35 degrees outside. I was out early this morning again before sunrise and was amazed how hard it was blowing. I was up in my treestand and was wondering if the tree was going to blow over. The sun came up in the east in a blazing orange fireball and it just seemed like a spring morning with a little bit of snow on the ground. In grayling I stopped at the post office and as I pulled up a newspaper box blew over. So in looking outside right now its still nice and sunny and the only thing today will be really good for is kite flying. So Happy New Years to everybody and if you do go out Please BE SAFE…….Thanks for checking in. Pete

Tuesday night December 30. 2003 9:00 p.m.
It has snowed lightly on and off during the day and we have had maybe an inch or inch and a half but nothing to great. I stayed out in the woods most of the day but did check in at the store for about an hour. Mostly people were stopping in that were going home but a couple trucks said they were just getting here and were gonna ride. Its definetly marginal and I had a guy mad at me today because he had made a sled reservation and I wouldnt rent it to him cause of the lack of snow. Its not like I dont need the money and I told him I wish I could make it snow. Also I am glad I was in the shop because my friends Steve & Kathy Kramer and their kids stopped in from North Carolina. They had gone up north to ride too but were heading back early. After I left the shop I headed to an area just south of frederic that was full of big pines and was surprised at how deep the snow was as I walked thru the trees. It was maybe 8 inches deep, I sure wish it was like that out on the trails, I could hear a few sleds out running around. So all in all I would say New Years Eve riding should be ruled out…..but I know there are the diehards out there that will rack up some miles regardless. Thats good for hyfax and carbide sales. Thanks for checking in. Pete……..and yes I did find a great pine tree to have an afternoon
snooze under….

Tuesday December 30th, 2003 9:15 am
It’s Melissa again. My dad left early in the morning to go hunting. He will probaly do his own update later. We got just barely enough snow overnight to make the ground white again. Don’t forget to do the snow dance,

Monday December 29, 2003 9:00 p.m..
Well I guess this is later as Melissa said it would be in the earlier update. Believe me there has been nothing good that has happened worth reporting in the weather pattern and it isnt looking good for new years either. Hey I figure since it obviously isnt sledding season I am going to get the best I can out of bow season which goes thru thursday. I was out in the woods this morning before daylight waiting for that evasive whitetail known as “BIG DON” to come strolling by me while I sat high up in a tree like a squirel (or maybe a nut) holding my bow. I stayed out for a few hours this morning and headed to the shop about 10 when Melissa said she wanted to try to do an update. People actually started coming in right after we got there and most of them with the same story that they were heading towards home and had given up on riding. One group had come from the u.p. and said it has really gone down hill up there too. They also told me what I had heard earlier about a 23 year old woman who died christmas day on her sled somewhere by newberry. Now I am going to back up to yesterday in frederic. Somebody on the fire department is going to be in deep poop….. apparently they were heading out on a call and it looked to me like the firetruck was crossing 27 right at the B.P. station but it didnt stop for the sign and got t boned hard by a ford truck. The truck had most everything pushed back to the windshield and the ambulance was there trying to get a lady out of there when I looked. I couldn’t figure out what that truck had hit at first because it was damaged so badly and it took some looking to see the side of the firetruck which must have been like hitting a train because it wasnt damaged that much and luckliy the impact was just behind the side mounted gas tank. I never did hear today how that whole situation came out. It was kind of nice getting home early on a sunday as I went outside with the girls and they built snowmen while I blew up their plastic igloo that they got for christmas. Sunday night was also one of my other favorite things, the every other week hot sauna over at Curts house. The guys really get that thing cranking by stoking it up with wood to get it up to 230 degrees inside and we sweat it out in there. I would have to sweat alot to have any type of impact on me and then a nice shower outdoors under the stars tops it off. There were alot of stars out last night along with a big moon so I took an extra long shower. The fact that it was 40 degrees out didnt hurt any either. Tommorow I am planning on trying to hunt all day long so I wont have an update on again till after dark again. The store is open in case anybody needs anything but I will probably find a nice big pine or cedar tree to catch a nice nap under while I am out there hunting so “hard”. Thanks for checking in and do the snow dance . MO MO NAH CHEE CHEE NAH……..

Monday December 29th, 2003 10:45 am
This is Melissa, Pete’s daughter. My dad’s busy right now so I’m doing a quick update for him. He is going to post his own update later. It’s 38 degrees up here in Frederic and very icy. My dad says it’s like a nice spring day. This is my first update ever, Melissa

Sunday December 28, 2003 10:30 a.m..
Its another beautiful day here in downtown frederic, that is if you like 38 degrees and rain. I already heard thru the grapevine that Ohio Mike is heading back home because of the lack of snow. He had been planning on spending a week up here. I’m sure that there are more people feeling the same way. Believe it or not the trails that I looked at on the way up here this morning still look pretty white in most parts. I pulled in here
right on time at 10 this morning but so far nobody has been here anyways. Some of you may remember my friend Dangling Chad from Flint. Well he was in town last night and I had to take him out to show him the finer things of Grayling’s night life. We started out with the christmas party sponsored by Century 21 River Country & J.J.s Auto Sales at The Ole Barn. Those guys put out a nice spread and party for everybody. From there
I recruited an newcomber to go down to Growlers Pub, formerly known as the Plaza for a little karaoke. From there we went on to the Sawmill for some good old rock n roll and before you knew it the end of the night was there. So we had to walk back over to Growlers where we left our cars and decided that the best thing to do at this point was call the taxi. So I looked at the $4.00 taxi ride as a pretty wise investment. So all in all it was a fun night and the newcomber had a good time. Now all we have to do is sit here and wait for the snow to hit. Rumor has it we are supposed to have some during the next 3 days but I just never believe that weather man…….Thanks for checking in. Pete

Saturday December 27, 2003 9:15 a.m.
Its a nice chilly 18 degrees here this morning. There was no new snow overnight. At about 7:15 this morning I went out 72 west past the parking lot and there were already 2 trucks there and sleds were sitting out there running and I passed another 2 already on the trails. I had to go out to my buddy Bob’s at Terry’s Sport Center and drop some stuff off. He is having an Arctic Cat – Cat in The Crate sale so if you are looking for a new
cat call Bob at 989-348-7513 and tell him his buddy sent you. Anyways the trails got used pretty well yesterday and still didnt look as bad as I would have expected this morning. I got here in frederic just before 8 and spent the first hour driving around town and putting up signs looking for my roving beagle Ellie. She took off from here about 10 yesterday and I never saw here again. There was so much traffic around here I was afraid she would be hit by a car or a sled. Anyways after I got back here from searching and putting up the signs it was almost 9 and I had a message on the anwering machine from animal control. Sure enough she is in doggie jail in grayling and her bail is 25 bucks so I am going off to get her shortly. Somebody picked her up and 612 yesterday and turned her in. It reminds me of the time I was in pennsylvania years ago with my old beagle
and she got thrown in doggie jail in carlisle. That time it cost me 35 bucks for bail. Its hard to believe something is cheaper 10 years later. Its supposed to be warm today and not really any snow in the forcast so we need to start up the snow chants. No snow is a painful reminder of the christmas present I got from Kieth at Fayes Motel in grayling. He was kind enough to deliver it christmas eve. 2 cans of Spam Lite. I guess the lite
must be a hint to slim down…….Thanks for checking in. Pete

Friday December 26, 2003 1:30 P.M.
Groomer Sighting, I cant believe it but the Gaylord Groomer is just going by. I dont know what they are grooming but they are out there. I just had a couple in here that rode from lovells up the north loop to gaylord and back down here to frederic and they said the snow is great. Its up to 40 right now and I am hearing rumors of 47 for tommorow…..Pete

Friday December 26, 2003 9:15 a.m.
Its a nice 24 degrees out here in downtown frederic. There was no new snow overnight. All the trails are white that I looked at this morning on the way here but it wouldnt take to much to turn them the other way. I hear the first sled of the day pulling up right now. I saw Ohio Mike this morning in grayling just as he pulled into town and he said the highway was packed with sleds and trailers all the way up here. I got on the highway at exit 259 and got off at 264 and saw 11 trucks with sleds however none of them got off at the frederic exit. What is wierd so far this year is that I have heard about great snow reports from the u.p. but really havent talked to many people that have rode up there. So the wait continues for the great snow to hit us here. Thanks for
checking in and please RIDE SAFELY!!! Pete

Christmas Morning 9:00 a.m. 26 degrees
Santa must love us cause we have about 3 inches of fresh heavy snow and its still coming down. There are snow warnings out for alot of counties east of I-75 which is unusal but everybody needs the snow. Santa came last night and the kids have been opening presents, now its time to put all those “easily assembled” things together. Lets hope for more snow…..Pete

Wednesday December 24, 2003 10:00 a.m.
It’s a cloudy 24 degrees here in frederic. No new snow overnight or in the past couple days, Just barely a skiff. I havent even had my snowplow on my truck yet this year. I sure wish I could change that. The weather for the next couple days is calling for a little snow. Maybe Santa will be good to us and bring us a big pile of it. I have recieved many letters on the accident from the other day. I went and saw the machine and took pictures of it and I have the news release here from the sheriff department with pictures of the wrecked machine and I
will have them up on the board in here. On Monday on my way back from T.C. I came back here thru manistee lake and the snow was still incredibly deep over there compared to here. I saw deep tracks thru fields over there and still 18 inches along the roads. The pocket of good snow looked like it was from kalkaska to about 2 miles east of manistee lake. It was up to 40 yesterday again but the ground is still all white around us.
I really wouldnt recommend riding in this but I predict there will be people out in it. I know alot of people look forward to this week between christmas and new years so they are going to ride anyways. So from our Sledhead family to yours I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Pete,Cathy,Melissa,Haley & Ellie

Tuesday December 23, 2003 4:45 a.m.
I went to bed at 10 last night to get a good nights sleep but I dont think I have slept more than an hour
or 2. My thoughts have been racing everywhere all thru the night with the face of a snowmobiler I have never seen. I could see this group of 3 happy riders get to grayling to go riding, getting unloaded and taking off
down the trail, a few minutes later I see the polaris hitting the tree and being mangled beyond recognition, I see the young rider laying there dead instantly, his friends franticly trying to use a cell phone and getting no signal,
his other friend racing back towards the parking lot to get somewhere for a land line to call for help, I see
the friend telling a stranger that he thinks his friend is dead, I see snowmobile rescue getting to the scene
and them saying right away that there really is no hope but opening his clothing up anyways to
put the defibs on him just to try as a last resort, I see snowmobile parts scattered everywhere as what
didnt stop dead from the impact flew off the machine and around, I see a dead young man named
Paul with his life ended with the sqeeze of a throttle, I see the look on the face of the rescue person
that had to call Paul’s parents and tell them and there grief over the loss of their son and then their
faces and reactions. I got a letter last night from Paul’s longtime friend Jason in Rochester Hills and I can see the hurt in his letter. I can see the hurting family around the christmas tree in 2 days. It hurts alot to have
to right something like this especially 2 days before christmas. Ironically I started some new
radio ads yesterday and the last line in the ad is “Remember to please ride safely”. Tell young
riders how dangerous it can be, it only takes a split second. Last week a man came into the
shop with his young son and asked me to tell him what can happen out there. I told him that
a young kid like you especially wants to get out there and squeeze the throttle and that it only
takes an instant to kill you. I know thats what his dad wanted him to hear and I sure hope
he listened to that old guy behind the counter………….Pete

Monday December 22, 3:00 p.m.
I just walked back in to the shop and had a message about the first death on the trail in crawford
county. It happened on the blue bear trail at marker number 797. 3 guys here to ride
for the day and only 2 going back. They had only been on the trail 15 minutes. It happened
about 11 a.m. A 19 year old Michigan Tech Student killed instantly hitting a tree and way
to much speed. I have been looking at trails all day and they shouldnt have been out there
in the first place. With out getting myself into trouble I want to start on the safety first
riding practices. I have been told by people at the scene that if other riders were there to
see the consequences of what happens in that situation it would slow a whole lot
of people down. The emergency trail locater system made it easy to locate him but in this
case a faster response time wouldnt have helped. I cant say anymore than I have.

Monday December 22, 2003 7:00 a.m.
It’s 30 degrees out and the weather did snowmobilers absolutely no favors yesterday.
It got up to almost 40 and we lost alot of snow especially on trails. Its gonna take some
snow to get us back in shape and the forcast isnt calling for any. I took the girls
to gaylord shopping yesterday afternoon and drove up old 27 and the trail looked
terrible all the way up but, there were still sleds riding out on it. I am heading out
for T.C. here shortly to take my friend Charlie to the airport so I will get to see some
trail crossings where everybody says the snow is so deep. Thanks for checking in.

Sunday December 21, 2003 10:00 a.m.
Its about 30 degrees out there right now. NOt a drop of snow overnight. I looked at trail crossings
and trails all the way here from home and I have to say I was surprised that they are
still pretty white. I would have thought they would be down to black. If it warms
up any today it wont take much to get them to the black point. Everybody keeps
talking about how the snow is to the west of here and that seems to be where everybody
is heading. I have had several people tell me there are groomed trails that way and was
told that jordan valley had groomed 3 out of 4 trails and had an email from a reader
that they saw the gaylord groomer somewhere. I would love to see it here…….Also
anybody wanting a nice big christmas present that is looking for a new cottage
to have up north should email me about grandma’s house for sale. I also have a
2001 z 440 for sale for 2 grand. Thats about all for now. Thanks for checking in and
keep up some snow chants. Pete

Saturday Dec 20, 2003 9:00 a.m.
Its 24 degrees out and again last night there were winter storm warnings with us
catching the overflow. Well guess what no overflow. We had maybe a quarter inch
of new snow. On the way up here this morning I did the motel survey and Days Inn
had 0 trailers, Holiday Inn had 5 trailers and the only other motel in grayilng with
sleds was Fays with 1 group. I did see another 5 or 6 trucks at gas stations in town.
I think everyone is still heading west of us. I have heard it time and time again that
there is alot of snow west of here. The trail crossing surprisingly dont look that bad
but it wouldnt take much to make them black. I havent heard of anybody seeing a
groomer yet. It will still take more snow here to get the local groomers out. Thanks
for checking in. Pete

FRiday 10:17 a.m.
The snow is no different here than it was at home this morning, they are still calling for the storms to hit us but who knows. It looks like a pretty nice day out there. If anything worthwhile happens I will post it right away. Thanks to all of you that emailed me yellowstone stories. He is the article from usa today…
Judge strikes down Bush plan for snowmobiling in Yellowstone

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — Just hours before the first snowmobiles of the season were to rumble through Yellowstone National Park, a judge left park officials scrambling to comply with Clinton-era entry rules that the Bush administration had scrapped.

A limited number of snowmobiles will be allowed this winter — but all must be part of commercially-guided trips.

The decision, issued late Tuesday by a judge in Washington, D.C., cut sharply the level of snowmobiles allowed to enter Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks each day in order to reduce pollution.

The International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. and the Blue Ribbon Coalition asked for a stay in the judge’s decision Wednesday. They said the move was necessary because the judge’s ruling would “prevent thousands of visitors from seeing Yellowstone National Park this winter.”

The ruling allows a limited number of snowmobiles this winter — but all must be part of commercially guided trips. Under the proposed Bush administration rules that the judge scrapped Tuesday, some snowmobilers would have been able to go into the park alone.

“Right now, there’s nothing going on,” said Jerry Johnson, the mayor of West Yellowstone and a snowmobile business operator, said early Wednesday before the park opened. “Rental agencies are telling people they can’t go in on their own. And most guided trips are not leaving until later.”

Under the new rules, 493 snowmobiles are permitted each day in Yellowstone and 50 each day in Grand Teton and on the parkway that connects the parks. By the winter of 2004-05, only mass-transit snow coaches would be allowed.

Wyoming Attorney General Pat Crank said he planned to file an appeal, asking that Yellowstone be allowed to operate under the Bush administration rules.

“We think the rule adopted by the Park Service is the correct rule,” Crank said. “It balances the ecological concerns of Yellowstone with regard to wildlife, with folks being able to use Yellowstone National Park during the winter season.”

The scramble to comply was sparked when U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan ruled that the Bush administration should not have set aside the Clinton-era plan.

Historically, snowmobiles had been allowed in Yellowstone and Grand Teton with little regulation, other than requirements that riders stick to groomed trails and avoid conflicts with wildlife. The Clinton plan called for a gradual phase-out of snowmobiles, beginning last winter.

Under Bush, the Park Service wanted to let snowmobiling continue but to cap the number of snowmobiles allowed and permit only cleaner, quieter models. The plan would have allowed a total of 1,140 snowmobiles a day for the parks and parkway.

In a lawsuit, the Greater Yellowstone Coalition of Bozeman claimed the Park Service ignored its own studies showing a ban on snowmobiles and the use of snowcoaches would best protect park resources. The group cited pollution and health risks to workers.

The Park Service argued that the Bush plan was based on cleaner snowmobile engines that weren’t considered when the earlier ban was drafted. But Sullivan rejected the argument.

“The prospect of new technology is not ‘new,'” the judge wrote, noting that less-polluting machines were considered and rejected when the Clinton administration was deciding how to reduce the harmful effects of snowmobiling.

The change in rules means visitors who had booked advance reservations to ride in Yellowstone and Grand Teton on their own will now have to cancel since all snowmobiles entering the parks will need to be a part of commercially guided trips, Yellowstone Superintendent Suzanne Lewis said.

Friday December 19, 2003 6:30 a.m.
As usual I was to hyped up over nothing, there is about 3/4 of an inch of new snow
in my yard from overnight….quite the winter storm. I will see what I can find out about
if any surrounding areas got hit like they were supposed to and post again later on this
morning. Thanks for checking in. Pete

Thursday night Dec 18, 7:00 p.m.
The news is calling for winter storms tonight for 5 to 10 inches by tommorow. Right now
I would say we have only about 4 inches left on the ground in grayling and frederic from last
week. While I was in frederic for a short time today I had 3 different people tell me that
there is 2 feet of snow by manistee lake only about 12 miles from frederic. I saw
a few sleds out and about tonight but the trail crossings didnt look as bad as I figured
they would. With just the snow we have out there right now I think you could ride
a little this weekend but it would by no means be great. It will be a whole differnent
story if we get blasted tonight the way the weatherman is talking. Lets wait till morning
and I will do my best to get on here half way early. I have also heard that a couple
days ago snowmobiliing was banned in yellowstone again…..Somebody emailed
me a link and there was no story there, so if anybody has a story on it send it to me and
I will post the info…..Thanks for checking in. Pete

Thursday December 18, 2003 8:15 a.m.
Still coming at you from Rockford, just checked in at grayling and frederic and no new snow overnight. We definetly need a shot of snow to get the sledding rolling. Spent the day yesterday doing some business in G.R. and then had that done so I decided to take a run to kalamazoo to visit my mom. Spent a couple hours with her which included a great nap on her couch….then back to Rockford for our annual guys night out christmas shopping trip. We went to the River Town Crossing mall and after shopping finished the night up with a little karaoke at the wood shed in Rockford. Boy that walk on the tread mill yesterday did me wonders cause my legs are so sore I cant hardly walk this morning. So I guess enough sluffing off for this week and I better head back for frederic. Do some snow chants cause we need it.
Thanks for checking in. Pete

Wednesday December 17, 2003 9:20 a.m.
Coming at you from Rockford Michigan this morning. I am at my friend Denny’s house and I got here late last night. As I was leaving home right along m-93 at 8:30 last night there were 4 sleds riding the trail right there. I think they were crazy. We lost all the snow that we got yesterday morning from rain that fell during the day. It sure softened up what snow we had. I just called home and Cathy said there was just barely an inch of new snow overnight. Here in Rockford they got a nice 2 inches overnight and the schools are delayed and plows are out. We just got back from Champion Health & Fitness. Maybe I should do that more often, it was my first time on a tread mill and when I got off I felt like I just got off the boat from the big adventure. After the tread mill I found the pool, hot tub, and steam room, those were more my speed. After an early morning work out like that I am ready for a nap. Yesterday on my way home from frederic I got just past the high school and saw a big dog laying right next to the road. I got just a bit by there and decided to go back and see why he was laying so close to the road. It was a english setter and he stood up when I got by him and I could see he had been hit. He layed back down right away and was pretty listless. I picked him up and put him in the back of my truck and took him to the vet. They took him in at the vet on a stretcher. I felt so bad for the little guy and am darn glad I went back and helped him but Cathy said she got a call this morning from Frankies owner and he said he didnt make it. I dont know who hit him or how long he layed there but at least I tried to help him out………Thanks for checking in. Pete

Tuesday December 16, 2003 first thing in the morning 10:50 a.m.
Its snowing like crazy out there, so far we have had just over an inch fall in the past hour
or so and its a nice wet snow. Its about 30 degrees out there and the roads were
darn slick on the way up here. Hard working Mike in ohio already was on my answering
machine plus he has called before I got this update on. I got up early myself this morning
and thought it would be a great day for a morning bowhunt which I went and did. I saw
some deer but nothing in shooting range, so thats my excuse for the late update today.
Keep up the snow chants and maybe we will have a good weekend coming up. Thanks for checking
in. Pete

Monday December 15, 2003 10:30 a.m.
The phone was ringing as I walked in the door this morning and it was Ohio Mike with
his usual complaint about my late updates. That guy gets up to early. Hey this is
frederic nobody gets out of bed by noon and that might be a little early. Anyways it
about 30 out and I can feel the snow feeling wet and packy. We are supposed to get
hit with a storm tommorow. Only 11 days till the big week that everybody looks forward
too so I hope we can continue to build a base and be ready for that. Now for the big
news in Frederic, there was an armed robbery at the BP station sunday morning
at 5:45 a.m., they just took the money and left. Of course the cops are looking for
the culprit. One of the nieghborhood kids that was walking to work to clean at the Swamp
was detained by the police and their dog just cause they checked him out. He was
just walking in the right place at the wrong time. It was probably a cross country
skier that robbed the place cause I know a snowmobiler wouldnt do that. It will
be nice to hear the cops say “We Got Him”. Thanks for checking in. Pete

Sunday December 14, 2003 10:20 a.m.
I just got here to frederic at 10 and there were 2 sleds waiting outside for me, they had just
drove up here from lincoln park to ride. Its 26 out right now and there was no new snow
over night to speak of. It stayed below 30 all of yesterday so we really didnt lose much
snow either. So this might start building our base. There were a fair amount of machines
out riding yesterday but not like I thought there would be. But its still better than
nothing by a long shot. Thanks for checking in. Pete

Saturday December 13, 2003 9:15 a.m.
Only a skiff of new snow overnight, and on the way here I only saw a couple sleds at motels,
and the trail crossing weren’t used much at all. The first 2 sleds of the year rode in yesterday.
It was Jim Atchison & Scott Rowe of Brighton. They started out at lake margarethe and were
out and about, 3 sleds are leaving here right now and heading toward starvation lake. I have
had reports of 18 inches out by manistee lake. I had plenty of phone calls yesterday from
people wondering what was going on out there and that they were thinking of coming up but
so far its pretty minimal out there…..If you do ride, please ride safely…..Pete

Friday December 12, 2003 10:00 a.m.
Well I have been all around the county this morning, there was 6 inches at my house and 6 inches
all the way down to north higgins lake road, there seems to be a little less snow in grayling and there
is about 4 to 5 inches here in frederic and its about 20 out right now. I talked to my friend up by starvation lake and she said about 6 to 8 inches there too. I would have thought they would have alot more. East of grayling there is hardly any. So the question is would I ride my sled in this…..Heck Yes…  I probably will go fire up the thunder chicken and take it for a short ride. I talked to my buddy bob over at Terry’s and he said his kids are planning on going for a ride this afternoon. The riding wont be great but its a start and I have seen people riding in way worse conditions…..I just had 2 guys in that bought some gloves and permits and are planning on going riding, they said their friends are planning on coming to ride too… it looks like we are off , I sure didnt figure it was gonna really happen this weekend. Yesterday I spent the afternoon out in the woods still hunting with my bow. It was a beautiful afternoon and there was a light snow great for making it easier to see in the woods. Still hunting is where you try to get into where the deer are slowly and quietly working your way into the wind or
across it trying to slide in undetected which is a darn hard thing to do for as slim and graceful as I am.
As soon as I started out I saw a deer up in front of me and decided I would follow it, darn that thing took me thru some unbelievable thick brush and swamp and its amazing how they can work their way thru that, deep water, frozen water, and slush and muck where you could never shoot an arrow if there were 50 deer in front of you , but finally after about an hour and a half I followed it into a great little bedding area that had tracks everywhere so I decided to park myself right there and wait for Big Don to come along. Well needless to say I got a great nap in under this pine tree that I was under and never saw anything else and then being the brain surgeon that I am I figured seeing that I didnt have a watch or a flashlight with me I better get out of the woods before dark. At least I had my 3 compasses with me. I ended up back at my truck at 5 after a great 5 hours out there. It sure is pretty with the snow coming down. So for now lets hope the snow keeps coming and that riding season will be here to stay….Thanks for checking in. Pete

Friday December 12, 2003 5:50 a.m.
Now I am getting excited, there is about 4 inches of fresh fluffy lake effect snow out there.
I just woke up and looked out the window…..Its 20 degrees and it sure was a surprise to me
. Last night about 10:30 a lake effect snow warning came on t.v. for kalkaska & antrim counties,
so I would guess starvation lake really got a bunch. I will update again later this morning
after I talk to some people up that way…….Mo Mo Nah Chee Chee Nah…..Pete

December 11, 2003 7:10 a.m.
The ground is just barely white from what what fell overnight. All day yesterday was a constant
rain and alot of it. The back lot at the shop looked like a lake, I dont ever recall seeing
that much water sitting out there. I dont expect this little skiff to stay as I saw predictions
of 40’s again in the next few days…..

As real as the war in Iraq is it seems like worlds away until you have friends that
are heading over there. I know two guys from Grayling that are leaving in the next week
or so and they are both headed for the same area in Iraq,…Mozul. There are some other guys
to that have been called up from the grayling area but I have talked to both Dean & George
in the past few days and wished them both good luck over there. I have to say it was hard saying
that to them and its even hard just to type this just knowing where they are going.
Thanks for checking in…Pete

December 10, 2003 7:11 a.m.
Its a ugly rainy morning outside today and its 38 degrees. The u.p. has winter storm
warnings but nothing seems to be happening to us. On monday I counted at least 10 people
ice fishing out on the lake from our landing. The ones I talked to said ice was about 3 inches
but yesterday the lake was really wet from it being so warm and nobody was out there.
Today I would say it is really gonna be wet after all this rain during the night. We
went to traverse city yesterday to do a little shopping and we always take the kids to
the grand traverse resort to see the christmas decorations. I have to say we were disapointed
that the decorations were nothing like they have been in the past and also on the way
home we went thru this nieghborhood that used to have every house extremely decorated
and there were hardly any decorated. I guess things just change over time. While
at borders books I looked up the book that someone had e mailed me about called Michigan
Curiosities. Sure enough there is a little article in there about me and my collection
of archery & fred bear memorabilia but about alot of other interesting things in michigan and
alot of them i have been to before like the corner bar in rockford with its hot dog hall
of fame where you have to eat at least 12 to get your name on the wall. My name has
been on the wall there since about 1984 and I have stopped there since I was about
12. O.K. enough rambling for this morning I have to go find my umbrella. Thanks for
checking in. Pete

December 10, 2003 7:11 a.m.
Its a ugly rainy morning outside today and its 38 degrees. The u.p. has winter storm
warnings but nothing seems to be happening to us. On monday I counted at least 10 people
ice fishing out on the lake from our landing. The ones I talked to said ice was about 3 inches
but yesterday the lake was really wet from it being so warm and nobody was out there.
Today I would say it is really gonna be wet after all this rain during the night. We
went to traverse city yesterday to do a little shopping and we always take the kids to
the grand traverse resort to see the christmas decorations. I have to say we were disapointed
that the decorations were nothing like they have been in the past and also on the way
home we went thru this nieghborhood that used to have every house extremely decorated
and there were hardly any decorated. I guess things just change over time. While
at borders books I looked up the book that someone had e mailed me about called Michigan
Curiosities. Sure enough there is a little article in there about me and my collection
of archery & fred bear memorabilia but about alot of other interesting things in michigan and
alot of them i have been to before like the corner bar in rockford with its hot dog hall
of fame where you have to eat at least 12 to get your name on the wall. My name has
been on the wall there since about 1984 and I have stopped there since I was about
12. O.K. enough rambling for this morning I have to go find my umbrella. Thanks for
checking in. Pete

December 9, 2003 11:30 a.m.
Its a darn nice day here in fredericanville. Its pushing 40 outside and its still calm. Supposedly
snow is supposed to start hitting us tommorw….The little railroad shuttle car with ties on it
keeps going back and forth and he is making a dent in the ties laying around. Elvis is on
the radio right now singing blue christmas so with that I will sign off…..Pete

Monday December 8, 2003 9:45 a.m.
Its about 30 degrees out and just basically a nice calm morning. Last night was the
warmest night in a while. Lake Mararethe and Otsego Lake are both covered with
ice. Its not to thick yet but enough to hold me by shore. I could see minnows swimming
around under the ice. Thats about it for now. Thanks for checking in. Pete

Saturday Dec 6, 2003 3:00 p.m.
I just checked my email and had this note from a reader in colorado so I figured seeing that I seem to have spare time on my hands I would put it on here. I am starting to think about buying a case of Spam…….This might also be a good time to point out my cyber panhandler located a little above this post. Its where you can throw money in my hat to keep me from having to eat spam. A couple months ago a local business in grayling was about to go under so his “friends” had a fund raiser for him. He ended up with about fifty grand out of that. Boy I wish I had friends like that. So anyways here is the message from colorado.
Pete, this is Mike Grobaski from Colorado. There does not seem to be much in the way of snow in Michigan, so I thought I would send you an email from Colorado with our snow report: we have a general base though the Rockies of about Two to Four foot of snow. Condition are excellent!!! Looks like you guys need to take a road trip!!! Just having fun!! Mike Grobaski

Saturday December 6 ,2003 1:30 p.m.
I would like to start today out with condolences to my friend Bob Terry & his family. Bob’s father Glen passed away thursday night. Many of you from downstate in the flint area might remember him from Glen Terry Ford in Davison. Glenn moved up to grayling in the early 70’s and started Terrys Suzuki. Since then it has grown to be Terrys Sport Center. Glen was a great guy and he will be missed.
It has been pretty slow here in frederic today, its about 25 degrees out and no signs of snow. Last night Cathy and I went to dinner at the Swamp. What a great prime rib dinner we had. We had plenty
of leftovers so I just finished it up for lunch. Thats the first time I have ate over there in a while and I hope I do it again soon.

I also talked to Captain Morgan who works on the railroad out here. He told me he has been reading my posts and says they are getting things cleaned up. I asked him what they are going to do with the mountains of railroad ties and he said they have a monstorus machine that comes and grinds them up and then they are sent to a cogeneration plant to be burned. He said the machine is a thousand horsepower and it doesnt even slow down chewing up those ties. I would like to see that when it starts happening. It would be kind of cool to see if any one brand of sled would slow it up if you fed one thru. He did tell me that one time they put an arctic cat thru it and it choked and spit out a hair ball.
Thanks for checking in. Pete

December 5, 2003 4:00 a.m.
Its about 20 degrees out and its been one of those tossing and turning cant sleep nights.
It got into the upper 40’s yesterday and the snow just isnt ready to hit us yet. I went hunting
again yesterday sitting up in a tree stand, the only thing I saw was a big owl that came
and sat on a limb even with me about 40 feet away. He was kind of scaring me. I thought
at first he would swoop down and grab a ,mouse by me but he would turn his head around
all the way the way they do and then stop and stare right thru me. I was afraid he
was thinking I was a big fat squirel sitting there in that tree. He finally flew off to another
limb and after a while went elsewhere. Well I guess I will go off here and do a little more
web surfing….Thanks for checking in . Pete

December 4, 2003 11:30 a.m.
Nothing new to report, no snow and its about 37 and sunny out right now. Yesterday the railroad
was picking up ties out in front of the shop here and they have a pretty good stack piling up a couple miles south of town BUT they still have a long ways to go to get them all picked up. Keep up the snow chants……I am still bowhunting but no luck, but the bright side is I am getting some great afternoon naps. Thanks for checking in. Pete

December 3, 2003 9:45 a.m.
Its a nice chilly morning out but no snow overnight. The best part about last night was I fell asleep on the couch, I woke up at 2:00 a.m. and went outside to shut off our christmas lights. There were a million stars out and a huge bright moon shining its reflection over the lake. Just the reflection of that moon was worth being out there then but I stayed out a while just to look at the stars. So no snow and not much in predictions for it so the wait is on. I had an e mail from ohio mike this morning telling me to get up earlier……. I will have to think about that. Also we added a couple links at the top of this page for spots within my website: one for the frederic home page and one for the Sledheads of Frederic home page. Thanks for checking in. Pete

December 2, 2003 9:00 a.m.
Its about 30 degrees out here in frederic on this second day of the new riding season. The northwest
winds howled and blew hard all night long and all day long on yesterday. There was alot of snow in the air during all that but there just isnt much on the ground. Unbelievable on how hard the winds have been. Sure wish it would push us the lake effect snows. I spent 3 hours yesterday afternoon out in a pit blind with my bow and arrow, for as cold as it was I was pretty comfy, I fell asleep for a while and woke up all covered with snow. It sure looked nice and as usual no deer but its great just to be out there. At dark I went up to skyline for dinner, that place sits up on a big hill and the windows in there were just pulsating the whole time. The news last night reported that 50 to 60 trail signs were stolen off the trails up off 612 and towards starvation lake and jordan valley. I hope they catch the fool thats doing that. Also for the first time in a while I drove north of frederic and there are still tons of rail road ties along the tracks, they are slowly getting them picked up and for the most part they are back from the trail but if we do get enough snow to ride be extrememly cautious anywhere between grayling and gaylord by the railroad tracks. I dont think hitting a railroad tie with your sled will be very forgiving. Thanks for checking in. Pete

December 1, 2003 7:00 a.m.
Riding season is officially here. Its been a howling northwest wind all night and the ground
is white with snow but just barely. The weatherman says snow for today and tuesday and then
not again till friday so its hard to tell if there will be enough to ride by this weekend. It sure looks
better than last year at this time. All of last years trail reports are still online at a link at the bottom
of this conditions page if you want to look back. I cant believe this is our 7th season
with the store already, it sure has gone by fast. So lets do the snow chants going
and keep your carbides crossed that winter keeps coming. We took Melissa back to the
doctor yesterday to get her stitches out from when she sliced her thumb 10 days ago.
Haley said she didnt want to watch because she didnt want to see blood but she sure
was inquisitive and ended up right there trying to help the doctor out. Thanks for checking
in. Pete

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