Another week of summer gone…..

Another week of summer has gone by and that puts us that much closer to having the snow fly, but in the meantime I mostly whined about missing my summer trip to south Dakota and watched kept checking out the action on the webcams there. I will paste a link here at the bottom that the city posted of the Budweiser Clydesdales being paraded down main street thru all the bikes. I have to say I was surprised they took them down thru that and that it didn’t scare them. Nothing else to new around Frederic, I did list the house next to Sledheads to sell this week so if anyone wants to buy a place right in the center of downtown Frederic here is your chance for $52,900. 1100 square feet with a full basement and a 2 car garage… We went to the airport to pick up my daughter Melissa after spending the summer at Columbia University in NYC. Now we have to move her back into Ferris on sunday so she only gets to spend a couple days with us before its time to go back to school again. That’s about it for now. Thanks for checking in. Pete¬†¬†

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