another snowy morning in Frederic

Another dark morning with snow flakes in the air in the morning with a couple inches of new lake effect on the ground. As I drove into town here this morning six sleds were riding thru the swamp parking lot over to the gas station and darn none of them came over here to see me. Its about 20 degrees out there right now and I need to get out there and plow the whole lot again, while it doesn’t seem like we have had that much new snow it seems like the snow in the lot keeps swelling as I didn’t think it was that bad out there. As long as we keep everything that we have things should be good. The beagle and I did a road trip down to flint and back yesterday afternoon and the roads were horrible from west branch all the way to flint. From Frederic to West  Branch the roads were actually in good shape….That seemed kind of strange to me. Also there was a mountain man sighting 2 days ago and it was by my Cathy. She saw him turning into a place in Kalkaska with his camper in tow. He did get a new truck and you know its him because he has his yellow canoe on top of the truck. He must have been moved out of his last camping spot. First one in with a new picture with him this year gets a sledheads shirt…..  I actually called him a couple weeks ago and I was surprised he  answered, I don’t know where he was but I could hear a tv in the back ground and he said he couldn’t talk cause he was kind of busy…..Thanks for checking in. Pete

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