Another record Frederic Snowfall

Well its happened once again, another record snowfall for Frederic. A whole inch and a half to two inches overnight. That is a record for this season. Sled traffic was light around Frederic yesterday, it seems like I keep saying that everyday. Trailer counts were up a little this morning but not like last year. Today there were 5 at the Days Inn and 6 at the Ramada, Last year at this time on Saturday¬† the trailer counts were 4 at the Days Inn at 27 at the Ramada….quite a difference. I have a couple riding here from starvation lake that want to go look at a house I have listed. They called and asked if we could ride sleds to it and of course I was all for that so I do get to go for a ride this morning. They are from Fort Wayne and I told them I have a charge for showing people from Fort Wayne properties. The charge is coneys from the coney island in downtown Fort Wayne. I don’t know if they brought them or not but if anyone is coming from Fort Wayne I would love a delivery of coneys from that place…..I usually tell them to just make them to go with the chili and mustard on them and just get the onions on the side, then I can warm them up…..o.k. enough blabbing for now. Thanks for checking in and please ride safely. Pete

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