Another rainy week

Its been raining a lot once again for almost a week. Nothing else to exciting going on, been working on the storage units getting things like I want and haven’t been hunting enough. We are now just one month and 2 days till the sled trails officially open and the big question is will we or wont we have snow? They are calling for some snow flurries for Halloween night. This season is the least amount of time I have spent in the woods in a long time and I am very bummed about that. Craig Sutton and his family were in this past weekend riding atv’s and that type of traffic has been fair around town this summer. For the most part hardly any of them stop here but its always good to talk to people that are out there riding. My four wheeler has been sitting at home all summer and I have only been around the neighborhood on it. Thanks for checking in and get ready to start letting the snow chants go out there in a couple weeks. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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