another great winter night

It was another great northern Michigan winter ground freezing, snow flying, ice thickening 15 below zero, base building night. Most all schools north of Gaylord were closed and since yesterday 8 to 12 inches of new snow since yesterday. Sunday there were very few sleds out but the ones I did talk to were happy with their ESR conditions. I did see on the forcast for next weekend an alberta clipper predicted so that would be great for some good snow. It now a little past noon and I haven’t seen a sled all day. It is now 29 degrees warmer than earlier to day as it is up to 14 degrees. So hang in there and for those of you planning to come after Christmas right now things are looking very good….I did hear from Herb in Ohio who said he tries to email me from a link somewhere in here but I never get them, If anyone knows where that might go to please let me know so I can get it fixed. You can email me at  Also Herb informed me that there was a snowmobile death in Ohio near Sandusky this weekend. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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