Another great day

Sled traffic was nice and steady all day Saturday and trails were holding well, and a riders have been into here all this morning are saying they are still very good. Its all the way up to 1 on sunday now. 14 trailers at the Ramada and 3 at they Days Inn along with a full parking lot at Fays Motel this morning. I left here about 7:30 Saturday night and was surprised at how many sleds were still over at the swamp then. I bet there were at least 50 to 75. I took some pics below and you can see reflectors on the sleds along with Sledheads way off in the distance all lit up. Also took pics this morning of a couple trucks with sleds up on their beds and a picture of a lost hat on the trail from yesterday. He had just bought that hat here and lost it and came back and bought another one…so if anyone comes across it send it here if its found. Also a big THANK YOU SHOUT OUT to Rick & Kelly Johnson for delivering coneys to me direct from Fort Wayne….They were very good….Thanks for checking in. Pete


IMG_5398 IMG_5402 IMG_5423 IMG_5425 IMG_5427 IMG_5433 IMG_5434


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