Another beautiful day in Frederic

Nice and calm out there today and the trail crossings I looked at this morning had nice fresh groomer marks on them and I think I need to go for a ride today. Snow in the forcast the next few days but not alot but its suppsosed to stay cold so I expect the presidents day weekend will be busy. Saturday morning at the old school in frederic which is now the township building there is a pancake breakfast from 8 to noon. It a couple blocks behind the frederic inn so stop in for a stack of pancakes. If there are any of you that watch full throttle saloon on true tv either in tonights episode or next wednesday watch close as you should catch me in there, I am sure you will be very proud of me if you spot me. They had me sign a video release 5 or 6 times while I was there last summer. You wont miss me as I was wearing my body web……next I would like to send a big shout out to Jim Bastion who is a regular reader and is serving in Iraq. He sent me  a few pics and a note which I will paste next

hey Pete,
wow i love reading your blog everyday just a little piece of home. Here are a few pics one of me North of Baghdad with a BMW motorcycle equipped with side car, and a 198 Howitzer  big gun…there is one in there of a secure site in Baghdad near one of Sadam’s Palace’s, that is now our HQIMG_0028 IMG_0050 IMG_0417 IMG_0430 Thanks for the note Jim and be safe over there. Also here is a link to my newest video,,,just random clips from the past week. Thanks for checking in everyone. Pete
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