And we’re off for a busy saturday

And we’re off for a busy Saturday in Frederic, thankfully Friday is overwith and we have a nice chilly 18 degrees here this morning. Yesterday was 33 to 34 all day with misty drizzle. Still a lot of riders around considering the conditions. No new snow over night but there are flakes in the air now and I have to say I think its going to be very, very busy out there today.  I don’t think I have ever counted as many trailers at the Ramada as this morning, 48 and that was just sled trailers, I didn’t count the darn hummer trailers that are there to probably be out tearing things up they shouldn’t be. 12 trailer at the Days Inn and every other motel on the north end of grayling had trailers at it too. Nice to see for a change. Groomers were out and about lasts night from what I have been told. I took several pictures this morning, one of them being in the Ramada parking lot with the sun coming up in the distance and then a few pics in my back parking lot of guys getting ready to h   ead out when I got here at about 8:30 Thanks for checking in and PLEASE RIDE SAFELY… Pete

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