And they are still riding

And they are still riding, even though I am writing this from Lompoc, California where I enjoyed a visit with my friend Mike Steger last night I am still getting input from riders. I talked to a group of five riders that were on the trails out by Dingmans yesterday and Tim emailed me a report on his riding in the u.p. along with some great pictures that you would think were taken in January but they were taken Saturday up by the falls. So I will post Tims note and the pictures below here. Still one more day officially till the season is over. Also I see the counter is coming up on 900,000 which will most likely happen before I get back home so here are the rules on the 900,000th viewer. The first person that gets the picture to me of their screen at 900,000 gets there choice, a blue bear snowmobile trail hoodie or if I am still in California I will buy you a shirt from here but just let me know what size you need right away. Here is Tims note and pictures and thanks for checking in. Pete

Hi Pete, just thought you may like to see how good the UP is holding, these pictures are from my ride yesterday after noon from Newberry to Tahquamenon falls. The trails are very smooth but roadsides are receding and crossing are getting thin. Once on the groomed portions you are good to go!

The trail pictures are #45, and the last picture is showing how high the snow build-up is at the falls, as the snow is packed down on the viewing platform so deep that all you see is the top two boards of a bench.

Take care and have a good time on your trip!

Tim Wildey Lapeer Michigan (The kid that wins all of your contest)

IMAG0063 IMAG0064 IMAG0066 IMAG0070 IMAG0072 VIDEO0009_0000012503 VIDEO0009_0000017468


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