and the weekend begins

And the weekend begins, its 15 degrees out and way to sunny. There have been a few sleds thru here already this morning and they were heading for the bridge, they told me they will send me a picture if they make it there. I took a picture of the trail north towards Gaylord, looking pretty thin along with no signs of any groomer signs from either Grayling or Gaylord groomers and I am certain that is because there is nothing to groom. We only had a few flakes fall last night. One couple was just in and they just got here after a 360 mile drive from Salina Ohio. I took a pic of his truck with his skidoos up on the truck bed. They were heading for starvation lake. Everyone is tired of waiting to ride and they are going to do it anyways. The good part about that is that its good for carbide and slide sales. I did the motel survey in Grayling this morning and along with the many hummers at the Ramada this morning there were six sled trailers and next door at the days inn there were only 2 trailers. So it will be interesting to see how many really come to ride this weekend. Actulally yesterday there were quite a few sleds around Frederic. They same the same as years past,north and west of Frederic it gets a bit better. Also if anyone is thinking of listing or selling their cabin around Frederic or Grayling please call me as we have a listing contest going on in our Century 21 office, I am¬†currently in first place and would like to stay there and besides we could sell your place……¬†Thanks for checking in.Pete


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