And the hits keep on coming, 434,000 in 7 months

The webcounter keeps clicking away and is at 434,00 right now which means 500,000 should be sometime this summer or fall if it drops off like it usually does. Nobody claimed the 400,000th hit which surprised me but I am gathering goodies for the lucky 500,000 one. I picked up a stay at the Ramada Inn last night at the benefit dinner that we were at last night. So I will have that and of course a couple of sweatshirts and am going to add to that still. So it will be interesting to see how long it takes to get there. There was sleety snow in the air this morning and I see other people on line reporting some snow in areas. The ice is still on Lake Margrethe but thinning and also piling up on shore. Melissa came home from Ferris last night for the benefit dinner but we went down to the lake last night to see if the suckers were running to try to fling a few arrows at them. What a shock when we got down there as ice is piled on and over the see walls covering and possilby wrecking the hoists that were setting there. I just walked down along the shore there the other night when I was checking for fish and there was no ice pile ups…..with warm weather coming next week it should finish off the ice and bring the mushrooms too……Thanks for checking in. Pete

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