and the answer is?


Its tough waiting for customers to come in but it is quiet and relaxing…….

And the answer is ? It seems that riders are showing up anyways no matter what anyone says about the trails. People just want to ride and it seems they say the heck with it and are coming anyways. Weather forcast for the next 5 or 6 days still has temps above 32. We had some lake effect falling yesterday which made it nice and white and as I was leaving here last night I saw the Gaylord groomer on the trail which pictures are below. I went up and looked at that trail this morning and while I could see some stones on it here and there it looked pretty good but I know there isn’t enough on there to make it last. I talked to Keith this morning on the grayling groomers and he still says there isn’t enough out there to work with and I have to agree with him at rating the trails at mostlsy poor and fair in some spots. Yesterday was off to a pretty slow start so I took my chair out of my office and sat in the corner reading which was quite relaxing but Scotty Bobby came in and caught me napping. I have to say that was quite relaxing but as the day went on more riders started coming in and there were way more sleds rolling thru Frederic than the day before. Other pics this morning were 3 in the lot in downtown Grayling and they must have been at the Grayling Restaurant for breakfast and then a line up of sleds at the Ramada Inn too. Still 6 trailers at the Ramada and one at Days Inn today. Its been about a week now but as I have said before STAY OFF THE LAKES. A guy and his wife on a two up went thru the ice up near Indian River. Luckily they both got out but we are still a long ways off from good ice. In the past couple week I see many new readers in here so welcome to all those new people and hopefully they will all stop in to say hi when they finally make their way north. So enough rambling for this morning. Thanks for checking in and Please Ride Safely. Pete img_3094 img_3095 img_3096 img_3099 img_3100 img_3101

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