and now the end is near…..

Its 30 and cloudy here in frederic this morning. My parking lot is still all white and snowy but there is some dirt showing thru up front. In grayling the roadsides are really receding and I got excited when I heard a sled pulling up outside last night just before I was ready to leave, to bad it was my mechanic returning one of mine to me. Didnt see a sled at all yesterday. By the looks of the weather we will be pretty wiped out here by this weekend and if there is any riding it will be most likely off trail. On the other hand I think the u.p. is gonna be o.k for a while yet, I posted a pick on the my sledheads facebook page from Grand Marias of a building that is full to the peak of the roof with snow….guess it will be a while till my video camera turns up. I still think its in the parking lot of the lake superior brewing company. I turned my sign around in my front door last night to show my summer hours…..and thats my favorite, Hours by appointment or whenever my truck is here…….I will try to post the picture below here that I tried to do yesterday for the snow bunny…,I havent heard or seen the mountain man around but I am sure he is liking this warmer weather as he wont have to dig so hard for his firewood to stay warm. Heck 30 is like florida weather for him. I think it was connection speed around here yesterday cause by the end of the day my computers were working fine. Thanks for checking in. Pete



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