Aloha, coming at you from the lobby of the Holiday Inn Express in Honolulu. We arrived here a few days ago and I guess this is not the right place for a Sledhead to find snow. I have seen snow on the mountain tops in the past but not this year. Been doing all the tourist sites, Hanuaumah Bay yesterday, Pearl Harbor, North Shore and just hanging at the beach. Pretty darn nice and hot and steamy. Heading out for a bicycle ride with my daughter Haley here and a bit and Cathy will hang at the pool. Unfortunately its time to head back for home so the fun is over and back to work it is…….I wanted to post a picture of me at the bay with my sledheads shirt on like one of the other sledheads did earlier this year. Well as luck would have it I forgot to take the shirt with me when we went up there……. Maholo for checking in. Pete, Cathy & Haley……..IMG_6278 IMG_6280 IMG_6303 IMG_6310 IMG_6315.

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