All is quiet in Frederic

There is a slight drizzle in the air this morning in Frederic, it is now 24 degrees and it has gone down 1 in the past half hour, temps are supposed to continue to drop. Sled traffic was not super busy but I would say a fair sized crowd all day Saturday even though temps got up to 41 and hurt the great snow that we had. This morning on the way here the trail along m 93 by camp grayling was looking pretty brown but then the trail up north of the high school was only light tan. Both grayling John Deere groomers were here in Frederic last night and I stopped and talked to the groomer drivers who were having dnner at the Frederic inn. They said they were out flattening out what there was out there in hopes of it freezing up to help out on our base. That’s all they could do right now but its great that they are out there. So yesterday Frederic Parks and Recreation had a hot dog and chili¬†cook out up at the corner across from where the north end grocery was. It was free for all but they were taking donations, of course I had to go and have a couple. I rode my sled up there but when I got back here the beagle was looking at me and I asked her if she wanted a hot dog so we drove back up there. Of course they gave her one ad she devoured it in no time. We were standing there talking and all of a sudden I heard one of the guys hollering hey get out of there. The Blind and diabetic beagle who still has a great nose had sniffed out their stockpile of hot dogs and helped her to a whole pack of hot dogs, she had most of them gone before we caught her……..Well at least she was full…..I did the motel survey this morning and it was a tie with 17 trailers at both the Ramada and the Days Inn. Its supposed to stay cold the rest of the week with snow coming so hopefully that will put us back on track. Its been well over an hour since I started typing this as there have been sleds riding in. Thanks for checking in. Petesle

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