Alaskan Spruce Cabins, Healy

I arrived last night about 9 at Alaskan Spruce Cabins in Healy, only 3822 miles from Frederic. Keep in mind its four hours behind here so its still morning. I will kind of take off from where I left on my last update. I had spent the night in Watson Lake where the sign post forest was and kept on heading west. I left early in the morning so I could get some miles in and besides all the beautiful scenery it was a pretty uneventful day as I only spotted one caribou and that was right in front of the truck on the run but I missed him and then the only other wildlife that day was 2 grizzly bears standing along the road eating. That was very cool and they didn’t mind me stopping to take pictures. The bear, buffalo and caribou hold pretty still for you but the moose and deer take off before you can get a picture. Making that 1500 mile run across the Alaskan highway there isn’t much traffic this time of year and you kind of keep running into the same people. Many of them heading this way to work for the summer. My friend Doug owns these cabins here in Healy and they are 11 miles from the entrance to Denali National Park where Mt McKinley is. This is big tourist territory but I will touch on that later. Doug is from Grayling and it was his truck that I drove out here to him. Yesterday I was in Fairbanks most of the day. I have a t shirt customer there at Reflections, they have been I believe my oldest t shirt customer since about 1990. I set up office there to do some work and hang out and visit for a while. Then it was off to the Turtle Club outside of Fairbanks for a great prime rib. I will post some pics from the past couple days next. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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