A shot of snow would be nice

A shot of snow would be nice to give the trails some lubrication. You wont believe the pictures I am putting below here. All three pictures were taken yesterday in Frederic. The trails look amazing but Sledheads parking lot is still looking dirty and ugly. So the trails look so inviting but the big problem is they are ice and there is no snow for slide lubrication or cooling your heat exchangers. So there are 2 ways to do it. Ride a fan cooled sled and keep getting off into the sides to lube your slides or ride a sled with all bogey wheel suspension and a fan cooled engine. Other than that you need to really hit the two tracks and off trail and hopefully be able to break thru the crust to get into the snow. There is still a lot of it out there. I just had a guy call that wants to rent 2 sleds tomorrow but I told him we need to get some snow first. The 3 trail pictures are the trail heading north to Gaylord. If you do ride this weekend please be careful of the ice out there.Its 9:45 a.m. Friday morning and the front desk at the Ramada called me wondering about the trail conditions as they had a guy that is staying there wondering which way he should go. She said they have a few riders there right now but they have had a lot of cancelations.  Thanks for checking in. Pete

IMG_20140313_093015_232 IMG_20140313_093036_343 IMG_20140313_093115_320

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