A shot of new snow would be nice

Its 20 degrees out there this morning and I have spotted 2 sleds riding thru town already this morning but other than that it is very quiet. In looking back at my notes from last year the trailer counts in grayling this morning were about the same as last year with 5 at Days Inn and 8 at Ramada. Counts were down significantly earlier in the week from what we had last year, Sled traffic still was decent all during the day yesterday even though it was pretty darn cold out there. Today should be a nice day for riding with it being in the 20s. All the snow we have is very well worn and we really do need a freshening  up of new snow. I had one family in here 3 different times yesterday as they were trying to get a ride in and had just one problem after another. I haven’t talked to them since their third visit so I hope they finally got out to enjoy a ride. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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