A Rainy Night in Grayling

It was a rainy night in grayling and we ot a lot of it overnight. I got back to Frederic about 1:30 yesterday afternoon greeted by excellent looking snowmobile conditions with a fresh 2 inches that we had. There were even 2 sleds that rode stopped in and the one guy was a trail groomer saying that he was surprised how good it was, sadly though that has changed today with all the rain. There was snow in the air earlier but that has stopped. The only riding there will be for Saturday you would have to work for by unoading at an area and riding in it. There is still a lot of snow out there. If it got cold and we got a couple inches of snow tonight then you could ride a bigger area on Saturday. Only time will tell on that. All in all the season has been incredible and we still have a few days till the first. Of course things have been very hectic this week for me and I see there are many many comments about my mom which I have not had a chance to read yet but I am going to. I spent 18 days down there with her and I don’t believe the Greek Church in Kalamazoo has ever had a funeral like hers. She got the funeral reserved for royalty. There were 5 Greek Orthodox priests plus a Bishop there to send her on her journey with a very emotional service and a beautiful tribute to her 9 grandkids. The alter in the church has never been so crowded with priests. Certainly a tough time in my life and my 2 brothers and my sister but at least we were all with her for her final days and hours like she wanted. Yesterday when I left home it was so strange and empty to be there in her house without her there. Now its back to as normal as possible and we are off on a family adventure this afternoon. I will update as much as possible on this and follow along if you like. There are many new readers in here this year and I would lie to remind everyone of what I do the rest of the year when Sledheads is shut down. First I do Century 21 Real Estate in the Grayling, Frederic, Roscommon and Gaylord areas so if you know anyone looking for property to buy or sell please send them my way. I also do screenprinting and embroidery for businesses and events on t shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and hats and I do signs. So if you can help me out there I would appreciate it. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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