A nice day in Frederic

The weather has been warm and nice but we certainly could use a shot of rain. I have heard of some people finding a few mushrooms out there but I am still not connecting. I found to false ones and one that looked kinda real but I didnt trust it. Something didnt seem right about it. Rain would be nice and also knock down the fire danger. Ellie the beagle celebrated her tenth birthday on sunday and she had fun opening up her presents, which were dog treats. She sure loves to rip into wrapped gifts. Also while we lost another business in grayling in the past couple days we also regained one. I am happy to say that the Grayling Restaurant is now open again in downtown grayling and that the local porn shop Fantasies has closed up. Its funny how I see people criticizing me on facebook for posting that as a local business owner but everyone is entitled to their opinion so thats what makes the world go around. I would bet their are way more happy about it than not……So I will leave it at that. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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