A nice day in Frederic

Well its Thursday May 28 and a very nice day in Frederic. Of course nothing new or exciting in town here but the most exciting thing close by is that the Keg Bar is now open again under new owners and they are from Grayling. Stop in and say Hi to Corey and Sabrina when you can. I have to get up there myself yet. Memorial day weekend was nice and as I do every year I attended the service at the cemetery on Monday. Last Friday afternoon Cathy, Haley and I headed north to the u.p. and drove all the way to the Keewanaw to Hancock. A mere 7.5 hour drive from Grayling and I only wish I could do that during the winter so I could ride my sled up there. On Saturday morning we got up and headed on up the peninsula with a pit stop at the Gay Bar to visit with Bruce and have lunch there and from there on up to Copper Harbor. That is the first time I have ever been up there with no snow on the ground. You forget about how big Michigan really is until you drive all the way up to the most northern point. After that it we were heading back for home and made it back at 11 on Saturday night……Oh and the reason we headed up there in the first place is pictured below. I really wasn’t ready to give up on old grey yet but now I have a stand by in case old grey gives out. Thanks for checking in. Pete

IMG_6818 IMG_6819 gay bar

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