A nice cool morning at Lake Margrethe

It looks like its going to be  a nice day this morning, a lot cooler than it has been but thtats o.k. Nothing to exciting going on that I know of besides Cathy has been working hard on our yard planting flowers around our house and our rental cottage, she works way to hard on it but she is very upset because we have been getting vandalized. It seems that at night her flower keep getting ate up by the neighborhood deer. Mosiquitoes are very thick this year and have been chewing everyone up. Frederic is having their music festival in the park the last weekend in June. They had  a good turnout for that last year and I know there are plans in the works for an atv ride from st Helen to go across the mackinaw bridge for next fall (2015). I will post more on that as time goes by. After over 21 years with the same pontoon boat I was sad to see it go down the other day so now we are looking for a newer one. I bought that boat when Melissa was 5 months old and she is now 21. I remember saying that I would buy another new one in a couple years……well it looks like I stretched it out for an extra 19…That’s about it for now. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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