A new day in frederic

It was looking a little sunny outside and very nice but now its clouded up again.

No new news around town except all the election signs can come down. We have been cleaning the front up here in the shop and getting things presentable for when and if we get some snow to ride on. I always tend to get quite a mess going in here during the summer when its just the beagle and I in here most of the time. I have a bad habit of just leaving things laying around. Now this place is starting to look like a respectable business again. Almost time to get my winter signs changed on the outside of the building.

I have to say that last week with all the east coast news that it brought back alot of memories as in about 1980 I lived in Newark NJ for 9 months. During that timeframe I was in the Woodbridge Corvette Club and every weekend we would be at different car shows along the jersey shore, Point Pleasant, Seaside Hieghts, Ortley Beach where my favorite Joey Harrisons Surf Club was and Atlantic City. That was a fun time and its hard to beleive all that could get wiped out overnight.

So back to work for me,. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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