A little new snow,,,,

IMG_2102[1]A little new snow yesterday as winter tries to hold on. About a half inch of new snow fell in Frederic yesterday to try and cover the ice that is still out there. If anybody does ride or go to the u.p. please send me your stories and pictures so we can see how long this season really holds on. Send things to me at ptg@sledheadsusa.com      In the mean time we continued south along the beach towns on the pacific coast highway which is slow going but you get to see a lot. The one thing that stood out to me yesterday was in Newport Beach where I spotted a McLaren dealership. The only time I have ever heard of those was in Indy car racing. We went in to check it out and I found that they started building this street version in 2012. Jeremy that worked in there was very nice and spent time with us even though I told him up front that I was just looking. Carbon Fiber frames with 650 horse motor for only $326,000 or you can pick up a used one for around 200k…..he didn’t have the one I wanted on the floor but had a small model of it with the paint color on it as its a new color for 2015 and its arctic cat green….I think  would look good in that. So here are some pics from there. We are now in Oceanside and going to stay put for a few days. Thanks for checking in. Pete

IMG_2107[1] IMG_2104[1] IMG_2103[1] IMG_2102[1] IMG_2101[1] IMG_2099[1]

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