A little more snow

A little more snow fell overnight, maybe about one inch of new. Temps are supposed to get colder with more snow predicted. A little at a time will get us closer to riding time. There were a few sleds out and about yesterday but I still say it is way to early. Just for the heck of it I did the motel survey in town this morning and there were zero trailers at the Days Inn and surprisingly there was one trailer at the Ramada. There was an accident on the snowmobile trail yesterday north of Frederic almost to Waters but it didn’t involve a sled. Somehow a truck ended up on the trail upside down. No one hurt thankfully. It was pretty quiet in here all day yesterday but after 3 p.m. it seemed people on their way home from the U.P. started stopping in. They all said there were a lot of trailers going north but they had reported decent riding in the muninsing and grand marais and seney areas. I would imagine the same thing will happen sunday afternoon with people stopping in here for a pit stop on their way south. Just get off at exit 264 and come into Frederic and make sure I am awake. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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